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tandem mommas- how did your breast size change during pregnancy and after birth?

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I am currently nursing my 3.5 yo and am almost 8 months pregnant. My breasts have gotten a teensy bit bigger, but not that much. I'm wondering what kind of change I might expect after my milk comes in? Last time I was a B, went up to a C during pregnancy, and was a DD during engorgement, D for several months afterward, and finally settled into a C. Right now I'm still a C, but might possibly be able to wear a D. I ordered some nursing bras on the TP, but they look huge! Anyway, I was just wondering about your personal experience.
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My boobs never really got smaller after engorgement the second time around. They still aren't that big (40B), but this *is* the biggest they have ever been. They were 40A after engorgement last time, lasting really up until engorgement this time, and 40almost-A before the first pregnancy.
Mine have done the same as the PP. They have stayed the same size as they were with the second time around engorgement. Before I was pg and just nursing DD they were a 38D. During pg my milk supply dried right up and they dropped to a 38C. Now they are 38E and they feel huge to me.
Before I got pregnant with the twins I was still nursing ds and had very deflated DD's. During pregnancy they became full DD's. When my milk came in they became G/H. I am nursing my toddler and twins and my breasts don't appear to be getting any smaller. I detest the size of my breasts right now but I am also so grateful and amazed at how much milk they are producing.
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When I got pregnant I had a D cup, at the end of pregnancy I was DD and when the milk came in I was a J (as in Jumpin Jehosophat that's big!).

DS is 27 months old and I have no idea what size I am because I'm not wearing cup sized bras anymore. I'm guessing that I'm down from J.

I like to tell people that the Boobie Fairy hit me with a stick and that's why I was so big.
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I was a nominal B before DD, went to a D/DD during late pg and engorgement, and settled into a C. They've stayed exactly the same during pg this time (though they've gotten floppier as I've lost milk production). I due in two weeks, so I'm interested in the "after" stories as well!
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I'm not even sure- I wore stretchy Bravado bras throughout the pregnancy and postpartum. After my first was born, I have no clue what bra size I actually needed because all I know is that, during engorgement, the biggest bra I could find was too snug!

Basically, my rib cage got bigger in late pregnancy, and then went back to normal PP, and my boobs got huge during engorgement but then got back to "normal" by about a month postpartum when I purchased some "real" bras. You'll probably end up very close to the size you wore when you were only nursing one infant (unless you've gained or lost a lot of weight since then.)
Thanks for sharing your experiences guys! I guess I'm just hoping those bras will fit. They seem so huge to me now. But I've got some sports bras too so I guess I can always wear those.
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