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tandem nursing mamas, can i have some advice?

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well i recently started nursing my dd (3 next month) again b/c she asked for it and i have a big milk supply again ( new baby). she had been weaned since last october and i seriously thought she wouldn't nurse again but here we are... ok i tried to tell her only once a day, but then it seemed she was asking constantly, so i let go of the limits. but now she is still asking all the time and i don't want to ALL the time!

if you set limits with your older child, what was your experience and how did you go about it? my dd doesn't seem to grasp the once a day thing...and i 've tried talking to her about "special nursing time" but she doesn't seem to understand that either.

thanks in advance for any input.
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every time I've ever tried to set any sort of limits to my DD's nursing, she gets extra clingy and needy and wants to nurse all the time. Maybe it's just her stubborn nature, but the more I offer to nurse her, the less she wants to.
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I've just been been reminded of this again (for, like, the billionth time!).
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