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Tandeming - Newborn picking up toddler 'germs?'

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Hi there,

I am currently tandem nursing a 2yo and a 4 week old. One question I have is whether or not my newborn would pick up any germs from my nipples if he feeds from the same nipple (in a later session) as my toddler who currently has a cough. We don't really keep track of who goes on which boob for how long - it really is on demand for both of them, as and when - so they often have the same boob in a short space of time.

If any has any info on this it would much appreciated.


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The montgomery glands in your breast secrete an antibacterial oil that keeps the nipple pretty free of germs. I wouldn't worry about it. The newborn will probably come in contact with the germs anyway just by being around the toddler and since you are tandeming your body is already starting to put antibodies to the toddlers cough germ into your milk, so that helps protect the new baby also.
Generally, I have to believe they pick up the germs just by living together, I never wory about them sharing the breasts.
From what I've read, it's nothing to worry about:
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