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This is completely normal. The older nursling usually nurses more frequently after baby is born (all that good milk!!!) and cuts down on "solids". There isn't a concern about whether the older nursling is getting enough because the older nursling is drinking newborn breastmilk, which is higher in fat and calories than toddler/older nursling breastmilk (breastmilk changes as the child gets older).

One of the things to keep in mind is that your child knows when he's hungry and he won't starve himself. In fact, his appetite isn't decreasing (he's replacing solids w/ mamamilk) and he's adjusting his diet rather well - increasing calories from breastmilk and decreasing calories from other sources. It's also not uncommon for the older nursling to not only decrease intake of solids but also to gain weight on the wonderful breastmilk. The weight gain (unless incredibly drastic) isn't a problem either.

My experience? I've been nursing for 6.5 years straight, am currently tandem nursing through pregnancy for the second time (nursing through pregnancy for the third time) and triandem nursed my three oldest for over 18 months until my oldest self-weaned. Each time, the older nursling(s) increased nursing and decreased other foods. Of course, they eventually decreased their nursing again and increased other foods and are perfectly happy and healthy kids!

You're doing great!!!

And btw...mamamilk is regular food, except even better with the immunological factors, etc. !
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