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My normally sweet 15 month old, who has reached milestone's early has recently started tantrums. My mom thinks she is hitting terrible two's early. I have no idea what to do. At dinner she wants to stand up in her highchair (if you strap her in she screams and screams and pushes against the strap. I am afraid she will hurt herself so we don't strap her in. Well she takes a bite of food then stands up. If we try to amke her sit down she screams same if we strap her in. So we take her out. Say fine you can eat later. Then she treis to climb back in we put her in, one bite then standing. Out then to daddy'es lap, one bite, slides off, my lap one bite slides off. So then we say fine you can eat later. Then she tries to climb on me well screaming and crying, i pick her up cuz i am afraid she will fall onto our tile floor. So tyhen sghe just screams and neither of us ends up eating dinner.
But it's not just then, she just throws tantrums, she screams like a banshee and i don't know what to o.She throws things, crys, runs around, throws herself on the ground. And when it's just her not getting her way, what do I do? When it's tething I'll get her and nurse her. But I don't want to let her get her way, or play with things that are dangerous. We are weening so I can't just give her boob when she's upset. Besdides I wouldn't want to give it every time she was upset about not getting her way becasue I want her to learn to deal with things.
I am just a very stressed out mommy. I want to do the right thing, and I want my sweet sweet girl back.
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