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Tanzanian carry

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I was in a fashion show last night at my church whereby I demonstrated how women in Tanzania wear their babies on their back. DD and I were so comfy, she fell asleep and I was the only "model" the audience applauded! The fabric used to tie her to (a kanga sp.?) me said in Swahili, "Joy in life is love."

Also impressive was the 20 year old, unmarried woman who dressed me. How many American childless young ladies could teach a foreigner to use a carrier?
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That's awesome! I think I saw pics of a kanga somewhere on TBW....

When I worked in the library, one of our customers (from Ghana) used to wrap her baby...the one and only time I've seen someone wrap IRL. I always wished I had asked her to show me how (I'm totally wrap challenged to this day!)
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my mil is visiting from zambia and is teaching me how to use a chitenge cloth to make a bapu to carry my babe - i am a little afeared to put him on my back myself (she said "this is scary the first time you do it" before taking him by the arm and swinging him gently onto her back to demonstrate!) but getting better with help! he loves being carried on the back, although he does tend to want to squirm around to the front where the action is
mil carried my husband on her back until he was five years old and too tall!
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