Target will now offer sensory-friendly clothing for children.
Once again proving commitment to parents of all children, Target has announced a new collection of sensory-friendly clothing, with adaptive clothing on the way!

Target's Cat & Jack line is bound to make a lot of parents (and kids!) very happy, as it introduces a line of sensory-friendly clothing available on their website.

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T-shirts and leggings in the line will have flat seams and no tags or embellishments that can often feel irritating to children who have sensory issues. The company's goal is to minimize any discomfort kids have with things that come in contact with their skin.

More, the line will be made with extra room in hips and higher rises in pants because they recognize some older children still require diapers or other adaptive undergarments but still want to have fashion options that 'typical' peers would.

Better for parents, this line will be reasonably priced - $4.50 to $7.00 a piece, and fit a fashionable and affordable model. Target spokesperson, Meghan Roman, said in an article with the Disability Scoop that they'd heard from enough guests and team members that this was a need for parents. She said this line will give kids the option of looking cool and being comfortable, while not breaking their parents' bank with customized clothing.

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Later this fall, Roman says that adaptive clothing will be offered, and will include things that have zip-off sleeves and side openings or openings in the back, as many children can only change clothes while sitting or lying down.

She says that they are aware that adults might be interested in a similar line for themselves, and while the sensory-friendly and adaptive lines will be a continued part of their options for kids, they'll have to evaluate the feedback and performance of these initial offerings and go from there for adults.

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