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Tartar on a 21mo

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I'll admit, I haven't done a stellar job of keeping my dd's teeth clean.
Since it has been, and is, such a traumatic thing for her, I've kind of let it slide--a lot. She has had teeth for 9mo now and I recently noticed a thick, white, gunk along her gum line that does NOT scrape away easily. I've decided that I'm going to do it,
and focus more on dental health, but is there any way to remove that tartar short of visiting a dentist?

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Good for you! It is a challenging job when you encouter SO MUCH resistance. I was there! There are a lot of great threads in the archives. Have you looked around some?
"Start brushing and make it fun",might help you some.
Decay can progress REALLY quickly! If your diligent brushing is not taking the "gunk" off, I would definitely go see a dentist. In fact, I would advise going to a dentist regardless. It is SO MUCH easier to treat minor cavities early on, than to wait till there are added problems.
It's been a few days since you posted, so I just want to give you some support and energy to keep on brushing. (At least twice a day) It WILL get easier as she grows. Dd is now 3 and although I still get some resistance, she knows now how important it is to brush and why we brush.
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