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I want to make tea bundles for christmas presents for a few women in my life. I am interested in making nourishing tea blends that (I hope) are specific for their problem areas. I will provide directions on making an infusion and give info for the specific herbs in each blend.
I have some herbs already and have access to many others from a well stocked health food store.

The herbs I have:
milk thistle
rose hips
chickweed (yuck!)
I just ordered a few other from frontier

So my mother in law suffers from rheumatoid arthritis & general gut problems

My aunt got gastric bypass surgery 2 years ago. I want to get good nutrient dense herbs into her.

My mother suffers from yeast overgrowth, depression, exhaustion - all gut related.

What can I add to make it tasty? I made a chickweed infusion for myself. I haven't been able to do it again.

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