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tax time vent

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Due to some major legal technicalities and my STBX's complete inability to get anything done, we are still legally married. Ugh! Due to this, we decided to file jointly on the taxes because it was the best situation for each of us financially and a much less complicated way to deal with taxes on assets we liquidated as part of the divorce.

I did all the work on the taxes. I even did the taxes under different filing scenarios to figure out the best way to file, and what each of our 'real' contribution towards any money due or refunded should be. It was a huge headache. But I did it. Then I prepared the final documents, put post-it flags on each place he needs to sign, and put the documents in addressed and stamped envelopes. Then I fedexed him the entire package because I wanted to confirm that he actually got the package. All he had to do was sign, seal up the envelopes and drop them in a mailbox. We agreed that he would do this no later than the 12th and would send me an email letting me know it was done. This way I would have time to try to file electronically if he dropped the ball. Well, its the 13th and he hasn't confirmed he mailed them and has not yet responded to my message.

Its no wonder the divorce is dragging on and on. The man can't even complete a 15 minute task when he has had a week to do it.
The day I am finally free of this mess is going to be one of the best days of my life.

caveat: I'm posting this in Single Parenting because it involves my XH and it seemed the most appropriate, but I'm TTC my first so 'parenting' should really be 'hopefully parenting soon with my DP'.
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Sorry you are having such a hard time. Ex's can be a major PITA sometimes. I filed seperately to avoid having to rely on ex for anything.
I should've! STBX STILL hasn't completed them!!!! I want my $$$$
Well, it worked out so much better for us financially when we were still married ($4000 back as opposed to I'll get $600 this year) I almost wished we were still married! Okay, wait, I REAAAALLLLYYY take that back.

Sorry you're having such difficulties...sounds like a frustrating thing. And if he decides to send them and you file electronically, it might be a big mess...

Good luck getting past monday and on to the more fun business of TTC!!
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I finally broke down and called instead of emailing. Our protocol is to communicate by email because when we talk it tends to go badly. Thanfully he screened the call, but nagging worked and he says he went and mailed them this morning.

Filing together saved me about $5000 and I need every penny to pay the lawyer so unfortunately I just had to deal with him and file jointly. Now if I can just get him to respond to the latest round of legal paperwork...
I guess I spoke too soon. My last-minute ex went to file his taxes today and called to let me know he is also claiming DS. He said were both gonna get a letter in the mail now from the government because we cannot both claim DS seperately. My tax returns have been filed for months now, I have already received and spent the tax return. He thinks he pays more than 1/2 DS's expenses even though I have DS a majority of the time and he pays ZERO child support. He JUST started paying for all of DS's childcare a few months ago, but that would not matter when it comes to 2005 tax returns. Ughhh, my ex is just so difficult.
Yeah, I was worried that if we filed separately my X would pull something like claiming something I already claimed. Sorry to hear about the turmoil.
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