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TB... Anyone dealt with this, or have info for me?

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I am a teacher. Our school was just informed that one of our students has active tuberculosis. He happens to be a student in my class....

So what are my risks and my dd's risks? DD is almost 11mo and almost exclusively breastfed. She just recently started taking some solids. She goes to daycare, and her immune system is constantly battling. She has been sick on/off since she started daycare 7 months ago.

She had her first round of vaccines, but has been nonvaccinated since. She is suffering from a cold/cough/ear infection right now.

Should I have her tested? Should I have myself tested? I am a science teacher, I don't really think the risks are all that great to me and my family. This kid's own family has tested negative so far. But on the other hand, as a parent, I feel the flipping out mechanism kicking in.

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Bless your heart that is scary. Long story short while writing a news article about a TB outbreak I came across this, it might help.

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TB is spread by aerosol droplets expelled by people with the active disease of the lungs when they cough, sneeze, speak, or spit. These infectious droplets are 0.5 to 5 µm in diameter and about 40,000 can be produced by a single sneeze.[12] People with prolonged, frequent, or intense contact are at highest risk of becoming infected, with an estimated 22% infection rate. A person with untreated, active tuberculosis can infect 10-15 other people per year.

I am sending you and your whole family lots and lots of no TB vibes.

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