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TCOYF Temps and question -Prego?

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Well, on a day were I'm really needing advice here, I'm not thrill about the April Fool's German on my screen.

Okay, I've not done monthly temp taking for a long time. I mark ovulation with my body signs and that's it.

Last month I was early and started my period on day 25. Which should have been an indicator that I need to temp take again, b/c that was not normal for me. I'm a 28/29 dayer.

Well, it's day 30, I'm crampy, but my temp was more elevated than what it would be for bending periods from my charts done about a year ago.

Example: day before I start my period I drop to around 97.3, somewhere down in the lower 97s. This morning I was 97.9. My post ovulation temps are just above 98.

Someone tell me not to worry and that I'll get my period soon. I'm 210 pounds, trying to loose at least 20 more before my sister's wedding this summer. Pregnancy just isn't what I really want for my life right now, I was thinking after my sister's wedding would be good and shoot for a May baby (I've got a March and an April, summer time is good for us
) It wouldn't be a horrible thing, but I'd really like to not be over 230 giving birth again.
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Well, my temp dropped this morning and tonight I have my flow. I guess I'm subborn and needed 2 months in a row of things being off for me to know I really need to 'do it' right and chart like I'm supposed too.

So alls well that ends well and maybe just maybe if I chart from now until August I can get that May baby I want and make it a girl.
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