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Hi! I lurk here because I'm trying to decide what to do about vaxes for my future kids. I'm hardly pro-vax, but I'm not as anti-vax as many here.<br><br>
Anyways, for my birthday yesterday, I stepped on two carpet staples while replacing the flooring in my house! After much thought, I decided to get a tetanus booster. Today, I'm feeling really annoyingly nauseous, and I'm wondering if this is a side effect.<br><br>
Now, I suffer from PMDD, and usually get nausea towards the end of my cycle. This month has been weird, so I don't know if I'm at the end of my cycle, but it's a distinct possibility. So, the nausea could be normal hormones, and I'm just trying to figure out if it's likely the tetanus, or my normal monthly fun!<br><br>
What do you think?<br><br>
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