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Tea Tree Oil on baby ? ?

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I have a cute little girl who is almost 7 months old, she developed a weird red circle/oval on her back a couple of months ago, its about the size of a quarter, and looks like its dry skin, its slightly raised, and towards the middle there are tiny spots that are NOT red, but rather the natural color of her skin. (I hope thats a good description)
Anyway, I'm not 100% sure, but its possible it is a fungus (some friends took a look) I bought some tea tree oil and mixed about three drops, with about two teaspoons of lotion and put that on the spot last night after her bath.
Is that strong enough to knock out a fungus?
How long should I continue to apply that?
How long until I can expect the red spot to disapear if it is fungal in nature?

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My bottle says not to use it on children and animals. I do know it is toxic if ingested so maybe that is why? I would think a few drops is just fine and it will kill the fungus if it is a fungal thing. I would give it a few days and see if it starts to get better or not. If it looks worse or no change I would stop using it since it's probably not helping any.
It sounds like a fungus to me, but it is so hard to tell from a written description. Could it be a staph infection? Those things are nasty and so hard to get rid of. I hope that it isn't.

I've used tea tree oil on a fungus on my toddler before. Just a drop is all you need. It's pretty potent and is one eo that does not need to be used with a carrier oil. It can be applied straight to the infected area.
It's strong enough, but be VERY careful using it on children - full strength it can burn their skin .. And from the sound of it, your friend is right about it most likely being a fungus - it sounds an awful lot like the ringworm our DD gets on occasion .. We call her the "moldy baby" lol. It WILL eventually go away on its own but honestly what we had the best luck with was lotrimin (yep, the stuff for yeast infections)
I've used TTO on my children many times. I put one or two drops on the affected area, and let it set for as long as I can before putting clothing on over it. I've even put a bandaid on the area, although you probably don't want to do that with your dd if it's a fungus. Desert Essence makes a nice TTO cream that's very mild. I think it's 5% TTO, in jojoba oil and some other stuff. Good for bug bites, ringworm, etc.

Just be really careful about using where your dd could possibly get her fingers into it, and then into her eyes or mouth. TTO will not hurt her if she ingests small amounts (I'm talking in the one or two drop range here, not half the bottle!!). However, it's best to avoid getting it in her mouth altogether, as it would be really strong tasting to her, and might burn her tissues some.

It does sound like ringworm to me, also. I'm the ringworm king. The best way to treat it, btw, is to build up the immune system. Lots of probiotics, echinacea, garlic, vit. C, cut back on/out the sugar and processed foods, drink lots of pure water, etc.
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I am not to sure on your issue but FWIW...
man we use TTO for everything....
I use TTO on ds for his mosquitoe bites and they are gone by the next day or the following...just dip a q-tip in the oil and swipe...
use it in our wipe wash solution ( 2 drops)....
We use tea tree oil on our kiddos all the time! Lice *hates* TTO, so it is used as a preventative, fyi.

I think that it sounds diluted enough but still effective to get rid of the ringworm.
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