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TEACCH today

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Okay, I'm going to c&p this post and post it on my yahoo SID and Autims groups too, so if you participate in either of those (both listed in the links stickied at the top of this forum), this will be a repeat for you. That being said...

It went great!! They agreed with the diagnosis of autism that he received at Duke, and had a lot of great insight and suggestions to offer. It was a looooooooooooooooooooong morning, and ds did have a meltdown, but like the evaluators said, it was good they got to see that part of his behavior.

Anyway, the services they offered us sound great. They are the following:
*a private therapist/expert to come to our house once a week for 12 weeks to work with us in the home on specific strategies and helping us implement a "system" to help ds.
*one on one (just us and ds with the therapists) in-center consults to help us work on specific problem areas and to train us how to manage him better at home using the strategies they teach us.
*parent workshops on the basics of autism and on the TEACCH method
*mothers' private support group (boy do I need this)
*small group playgroups twice a week

All of these services, except the playgroups, are FREE. I am so very very excited. There are waiting lists of course, but they said the first openings should be at the end of april/beginning of may. They no longer have the preschool
, as the wait lists for it got too long and they couldn't serve enough of the community with it. They replaced the preschool with the playgroups. I was a little upset about that, but playgroups sound great too. They gave us some contact information for possible respite care and/or qualified babysitters, which we so desperately need.

They were very nice and supportive and very impressed with all we've already done for ds wrt treatment/therapies etc.. So that was nice to hear.

Anyway, all in all it went well and I can't wait to get started!!
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That sounds great! I'm so glad it went so well! The end of the preschool is a bummer. But it sounds as though the whole range of services they've put in place is almost as good. And hurray for FREE!!!

that sounds awesome! you're lucky to live in that area to have such a great resource!
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