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Teaching kids to sew

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So for Christmas, a girlfriends and I are giving 7 y/o daughters lessons. She's going to teach cooking and baking. I am going to teach sewing.

My daughter already knows how to sew a bit. Our friend has never machine sewed. I am hoping to incorporate some other skills - maybe a bit of embroidery or hand sewing

I thought I would start with some simple but practical things - hopefully some things that can be finished in about an hour so they can feel accomplished. I'm looking for suggestions for projects. Over time I want to help them make a simple lined bag, a doll quilt, and a dress for their dolls, but I think we will need to start with some smaller projects initially.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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I remember starting by making pillows for my dolls. Seems a little too simple!

How about one of these drawstring backpacks?
Hand sewing on felt is really easy for kids

How about a felt needle case?
A scented sachet?

Envelope style gift card/library card holder - basically a rectangle folded in thirds, sew up the middle and bottom third with a blanket stitch. You may want to trim down the first top third so it looks nicer. Decorate the middle third and sew hook and loop tape on.

bookmarks: felt on felt, or felt/ribbon, or felt/beaded - use two rectangles, decorate the top rectangle and blanket stitch the two pieces together so you don't see loose threads in back

So is simple embroidery too:

You can draw dots on white fabric in a large simple shape to get them started. (scroll down to see the embroidery kit I put together for my 5 and 6 year old dd).
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my son's first project was coasters. he found some of my wool felt scraps, cut them square and took two of them and sewed straight lines, came to the corner, turned the fabric, sewed some more, turned, you get the idea.

and we didn't worry about the edges unraveling since it's wool felt.
My daughter likes "sewing" on plastic canvas. She's only just 4 so she tends to just make stitches wherever but you could could draw in a design, of possibly make one on squared paper to copy.

I've made beanbags with 6 - 9 year olds, I put the beans in small plastic bags (sealed) so it didn't matter if the stitches were on the large size.
My dd is 6 and she can machine sew with her own hand crank machine. SHe has sewn a hair band with the Starleigh headband tute found here (look on right hand side to find the link) Another easy thing she sewed was a one fabric doll quilt. She cut 2 pieces of fabric, sewed three sides, turned and filled with a piece of fleece fabric, sewd the final side then quilted on top in allo sorts of zig zag patterns.
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