We love celebrating amazing achievements and recently, 13-year-old Alena Analeigh gave us some exciting news in her Instagram post--at 13, she was accepted into med school and believes she's the youngest black person ever to do so.

Alena posted that she graduated high school last year when she was still a TWEEN--just 12 years old and now, as a junior college attendee, she's been accepted into the University of Alabama at ********** Heersink School of Medicine.

The Black Wall St. Times reported that she's also currently enrolled in undergrad programs at Arizona State University and Oakwood University, which is an HBCU in Huntsville, Alabama.

Saying that statistics would have said she'd never have made it, her post shows her gratitude and excitement for her future and what she'll do in this world. She says she just wants to leave her mark, and show girls what they too can do.

Her passion is viral immunology (timely!) and she said it comes from her passion for volunteering and getting involved in the real world. She says she wants to inspire girls and show them there are no limits to what they can do. She started The Brown Stem Girl organization and she also runs a scholarship program called the Brown Stem Girl Scholarship Program. According to her website, removing financial barriers with a dedicated scholarship can allow minority students to excel and graduate and make a difference in the world through STEM.

And she's working to help do that!

Also known as NASA's youngest intern, Analeigh says she wants to show underrepresented communities that there is help and that they can find cures for viruses--and that skin color and socioeconomic status shouldn't be a barrier.

Here's to all the amazing things we know will come from this incredible young woman!

Image: Keith Major/Ebony Magazine