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Teeny Weeny newborn dipe comparison w/PICS!!!

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So, after reading Spark's thread about 'the dipe that ate my baby' I thought I'd do a photo comparison for y'all of my smallest NB dipes.
Here they are:
L-R Kissaluvs, Itty Bitty Buns, Firefly & Valor Kids
L-Kissaluvs Colors Galore sz 0 & R-Itty Bitty Buns sz NB
L-Itty Bitty Buns sz NB & R-Firefly XS
L-Itty Bitty Buns NB & R-Valor Kids NB
As you can see the Itty Bitty Buns & the Firefly are the smallest. My babes have been 5.7 - 7.1 lbs (tiny!) so these would work best for my babes. I think the 8-10 lbers would only get a few uses out of them, though. :LOL
Anyone else wanna post comparison pics?
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Wow, different indeed. Those are all so cute and tiny, them bitty buns are so tiny tiny. :LOL Cute!
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Ooo look at that tiny little firefly! That makes me want to have another baby. I have to stop opening these newborn diaper threads.
Oh thank you thank you! I was just about to ask if anyone had some comparison pictures like that. I've been fighting the urget o buy some itty bitty buns and now i'm glad I did. My first one was 5lbs and tiny, but within the first month, the kissaluvs fit her nicely and did until she was about five months old. I think if this one is as tiny, we'll just manage through the first few weeks so that we can get lots of use from bigger nb diapers. That itty bitty buns is cute though! Great for mamas having twins who know they will be having smaller babies. I really like the rise adjustment on the kissaluvs though.. lower for the smaller baby and higher for the bigger baby to make them fit for a long time.

Thanks so much!

so cute and tiny makes me long for a heiny that tiny
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OMG those are so darned cute!!!!!!!!! If we have another baby I am getting all xs Fireflies
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I can post comparison pics later.
I personally wouldnt get too many or all of those itty bitty diapers like FF and such b/c they grow out of the rise by in like 3 weeks, but they are essentual for the first few weeks b/c nothing fits bit these smaller dipes.
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Nicole that is one amazing album! Thanks so much for posting that! I bookmarked it. And to BC mama for starting this. We will be making up a nb/small stash pretty soon so this was very helpful (keep your fingers crossed - gotta get through 1st trimester - not an easy thing for me). I couldn't help myself and bought a NB loveybums, but will wait for the rest. :LOL
: I can't believe ol hefty was that small!

Here's a fitted Shandelle made
. cute little VK


Wow! I didn't take any pics of the FLAMs or the Mammamade....oh well, I was *just* learing how to use the new digital cam and after our docs appt that lasted 2 days b/c I ended up being admitted.....
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WOW!!! BCmamaof5 AWESOME comparison pics!!!
That's wonderful!!!

Very cool!

So, personally, I'd love to have 2-3 very small fitteds like the Itty Bitty Buns and the XS Fireflies because I'd want some kind of sweet fitted that fit very well that first little bit of time. There are usually some on the TP if you don't want to buy new.
It just makes sense to me to have some that you KNOW will fit from the very beginning. They're only a newborn once and to fit them into some tiny dipe is just too precious!!! I know a lot of the Itty Bitty Buns are in keepsake boxes just for that very reason. Oooh, and the OV one that I have.
SO nice!!!

Sweet, sweet baby pics, Letia!!! Oh! She's adorable! And, it CERTAINLY sounds like you had enough other thigns going on instead of taking pics of the FLAMs and Mamamade!!!!

Nicole!!! That was some stash!!! So cool!
I can't believe he's 13 mos. Wasn't I just looking at newborn pics of him!?!?
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Wow! Nicole, that is an incredible NB stash! Those XS & S Elbees are YUMMY!
If you ever wanna sell them...hook me up mama!

Letia, Mikayla is an absolute doll! I SO want another baby after seeing her. Precious!!!

Anyone got NB wool to show off? I'm gonna go take pics of mine...back in a bit...
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Oh, that comparison pic and the newborn album were SO helpful. DD was 8 lb 10 oz at 39 weeks, so it looks like I need to stay towards the bigger newborn dipes.
Hey, it's been a while since I dragged out the OC newborn diaper pics :LOL There's an xs firefly in there. I thought it impossibly small when I got it. She was 6 1/2 pounds and it was still big on her! The waist was fine. It had that firefly thing where the thighs were too big and subsequently it was the only diaper I remember getting leaks with. Also the little flaps inside irritated her baby skin by rubbing. We have and use and love fireflies now so it must have just been a thing about my newborn. She would go every 20 mins or so and she would poop a little every time and get irritated. The xs fuzeasy cover was a fabulous fit in my book. I should have had about 3 and it would have been perfect. It was a really true fit and because of the stretch it went on into the size small a bit too. Oh, those were fun days!!!

I loved the KL 0's too and they fit for the longest.

Here's the pics, unfortunately not as many here as I would have liked...
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so if you have khw smalls how do those compare to others? i just got one from the last stocking and i thought it'd be smaller. i thought they were supposed to be tiny, no? but it looks like a mid sized nb diaper. i dont have a lot of nb dipes now so just wondering what y'all think...
Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! Oceanone, you know I'm SUCH a fan of Oceanchild.
Oh! She just makes me swoon!!!

This REALLY is a great thread!!! If I'm feeling up to it, I'll take size comparison shots of what I do have.

Wool is a great idea too!
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For your viewing pleasure...
L-? longies from TP R-Tiskin's Trousers NB longies
L-small Fuzeasy R-small hand-dyed Aristocrat
L-small Fuzeasy R-newborn Nikky wool
L-small Fuzeasy R-newborn Tiskin's Trousers soaker
Tiskin's Trousers are my new favorite!!! Aleshia does amazing work! She is an absolute pleasure to work with! Super fast turn around! And uses HPY which is SO super soft and yummy...perfect for newborns!
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Wow- Those pics are great!! I just ordered some Kissaluv size 0's and some Itty Bitty Buns (I hope!!). I got them at Dara and Scott. They were called Bitty Buns size NB. Are these the same thing as Itty Bitty Buns?

My first baby was 8.9 and my 2nd was 6.9. HUGE difference!! I want to be prepared for a small baby this time.
I only used PF for both of them but would love to use fitteds. They are sooooooo much easier in my opinion. I might make my PF into prefitteds.
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Originally Posted by nicandboys
This is my newborn diaper stash from about a year ago. My baby is going to be 13 mos in a few days.
: There are some pictures of different diapers next to each other, so it might give you an idea of size for some of them.
Thanks for posting that! What a helpful little tutorial! And awsome stash for your little (big) man!

Of course the best fitting are also the most impossible to get (el bee) :LOL
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Well here is one that I made, I have a few that are this tiny
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