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Teeth question in 7 year old.

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Hello everyone, I just joined the board and a great one at that, wished I found it a long time ago.

Ok heres me question. My son who is 7 years old and never been to the dentist but will be going very soon. I and his mother both have very good teeth and him not needing a dentist was the right choice. His teeth are perfectly aligned and white. Only two have fallen out and those are the lower front two. His adult teeth have come in there and are pretty straight for now. Like I said me and his mother have talked and he is going to the dentist very soon.
The crap where the dental assc. says children should go to the dentist at age one is just to get money. Its a bunch of crap -- Or if your childs teeth are really screwed up. Ok I have side tracked my question.... on a few of my sons teeth the color of silver has appeared... like they were spray painted silver or something. Its really weird. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know anything about this or have seen anything like it ?

Thanx in advance.
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