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Though we are not at all a strictly Waldorf family (oh, if only!) I have come to realize that I have a lot of emotions tied up in the coming and going of my eldest's teeth. I know that Steiner put an emphasis on the change at seven years and that teeth play a large(ish) role in that developmental change.

Jake lost his central incisors on the lower jaw about 4 months ago...more actually because it was before Christmas. And the other day he said, mom, can you see what's in my mouth cause it feels like teeth.
I looked at where he pointed, toward the back of his lower jaw, and sure enough he's got two molars making their way through his gums! I'm not even sure that I remember kids are supposed to get molars at this point (they are, I looked it up and I remember mine now that I've thought about it).

Every time we spend quiet time together, just snuggling in bed and talking, I can't help but think of his head full of big, grown-up teeth. I guess there is some merit to Steiner's theories because I've felt this way since before I knew about the seven year transition and the importance of teeth.

Is there anything that you sort of fixate on...something that, as small as it seems, means your child is growing and changing?
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I know what you mean. For me, it's teeth as well. Or rather lack of adult teeth. There's something ridiculous in me that is proud my 7yo only just has his first barely-loose tooth. It's like, he's still innocent a little bit longer. So, I guess the night the tooth fairy comes this mama might be found bawling a bit.
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