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teething and cold symptoms?

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So what's up with teething and cold symptoms? Everytime my son is working on new teeth he gets what appears to be a cold too. Coincidence? Anyone else out there experienced this?

What homeopathy works in this case (we haven't had much success with teething tablets)?


: Robyn
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My impression about this is that teething weakens the immune system... but just a theory.

With homeopathy it really depends on the symptoms, you can try chamomilla, that worked great for dd. Those teething tablets didn't work a darn.

I have this great book called Homeopathy for children or something like that and it lists all the symptoms and tells you what works best for those symptoms, I think there are 5 or 6 different remedies that can help with teething but it depends on the symptoms.

If i could find the book I'd tell you what they are, but I've lost it!
I've had doctors boo-ha-ha at the "teething causese cold symptoms" theory, but I've had 3 kids that have all done it so

I think the coughing is usually caused by all the excessive drool, runny noses from the pressure in the sinus area with the teeth pushing through.

Not really sure about what to 'remedy' them though.
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Angelo is teething and seems to have a cold as well
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Wow..I am Mothering boards now trying to figure out this very dilemma. My 4 month old daughter woke up today with a cough and tons of clear drainage...she has been teething for weeks.
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