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Teething and Motrin

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I took my son to the pediatrician today because he is sick (and teething). Well, I asked him about motrin for teething (he is getting his molars in) and he said I can use Childrens (not Infant) Motrin at 1/2 teaspoon.

My son is 13 months and 20 lbs. (he lost weight because he isn't eating since he is sick and in pain)

My Questions are:

Do you think I should use Childrens instead of Infants like the ped suggested even though my son is only 13 months and 20 lbs??

Do you think 1/2 teaspoon sounds right given my son's weight and age? Doesn't it sound like it's too much medicine??

Prior to this I have been using Infant tylenol but I think it's not working too well.

thanks in advance
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The infants stuff is more concentrated than the childrens stuff. My DS is 13 months, 24 lbs and gets 3/4 tsp, so 1/2 tsp at 20 lbs sounds about right to me.

ETA: Here is the Dr. Sears chart. According to it, you could go to 3/4 tsp and my DS could actually get 1 tsp.
Thank you! Dh went and picked up Childrens Motrin on the way home from work. I plan to give it to the baby tomorrow.
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