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teething at 3.5 months!

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Oh boy. I took ds to the ped last night because he kept having these *mysterious* crying bouts. Three in one day and that is unheard of in this kid. He's VERY content. I'd never heard him cry like that before. My mother had me convinced that he had a bowel obstruction or something equally as dire. I thought it might just be gas but...
Huh? I never even considered it because he's so young. All the signs point that way though if I'd been really paying attention. Drooling, more frequent night waking, longer nursing at night, not nursing as much/as well, chewing on everything. The whole exam ds was happy, cooing, until the ped touched his gums with that confounded wooden stick. He started crying instantly.
Who would've guessed. Anyone else have an early teether?
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mine's ab out he same age as yours... and wouldn't you know it, the last ped appt he went BONKERS when the wooden stick went in his mouth. We actually can see the tooth bubble already
Yep, my DS got his bottom two teeth at 4 mo. Started teething at about 3 mo I'd say. He's now 9 mo. and has 8 teeth! Top 4 and bottom 4. At about 7 1/2 months he got 4 at once. Not a fun few weeks...
Mine's just over 4 mo and has been majorly teething for the last month, but still no teeth. I don't think it's very unusual. A lot of the Jan. babes are starting already.
Oh, honey. I feel your pain--and your baby's. My dd turned 3 months on the 6th of this month and already HAS 3 teeth. All 3 came in shortly before she turned 3 months. My other 3 kids were the same way. My oldest had 15 teeth at a year old. I have actually had people tell me I was lying about how many teeth my kiddos had when they were tiny--until I showed them. Sometimes it's great to prove people wrong . . .
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