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teething & hives - a connection?

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my 9.5 month old dd has her two front top teeth coming in (maybe eye teeth too). One broke through about a week ago and I can see that the other one is getting close.

yesterday when I got home from work (dd stays with dh during the day), she had a pretty good case of hives going. Dh said the hives appeared around 1 in the afternoon. We gave her some childrens benadryl (one small dosage) just before bedtime. We awoke this morning to more red patches so we took her to the clinic (this is our first and just the look of the rash was unnerving). The doc thinks that she is either reacting to something ingested or has a virus although she is not exhibiting any other symptons that one would typically associate with a virus.

We've gone over in our minds everything that she has eaten recently, things I've eaten since she is still primarily breastfed, and can't think of anything new. The doc ruled out things like laundry detergent due to the pattern of the hives (we haven't changed that either).

This is so odd because my dd has never showed any kind of adverse reaction to anything before -- I can pretty much eat anything while bfing and no allergies have appeared to date.

So do any of you more experienced moms think there could be a correlation between her teething and the hives? I know teething can cause fevers and red cheeks (dd's cheeks were red for the first time when the top tooth came in but not for the bottom teeth).

Dh thinks the hives came from the banana he gave her at lunch but she's had bananas before on several occasions so that seems illogical to me.

I'd appreciate any thoughts you've got on this one. Thanks mamas!
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