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Teething - or needing more solids?

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My 7.5 month old baby has been "easy" since day 1. Lately she's sooooo cranky and fussy, ALL the time.

She doesn't seem extra hungry; if anything, she nurses a little less than usual.

She sleeps but not really well. She wakes up easily.

Does this sound like teething?

Or does it sound like she's hungry?

I offer her solid food once a day, she enjoys the activity but doesn't eat very much. She doesn't open her mouth for more. I sort of have to sneak it in. I would say she eats about 3-4 baby spoonfuls, if you don't count the 2-3 spoonfuls that come right back out on her chin (or hands, or clothes...). She really just likes chewing on the spoon and banging it.

However, I recognize that I'm a little resistant to feeding her solids. So I wanted your take on whether it sounds like she's teething or hungry, since I hear one sign of needing more solid foods is also crankiness. I do nurse her on demand, and frankly I offer more often than she wants it. She's so cranky I feel bad for her, and it's so stressful on all of us.
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It sounds like teething. Does she respond to Hyland's tablets? They can really help.

As far as the solids, you might want to consider offering her things she can pick up and feed to herself. She might be more interested in feeding herself, and in textures other than blah puree. I also find that this method has helped me to know how much solid food to feed my dd -- I can't over- or under-feed her, since she's feeding herself! She lets me know if she isn't interested, or when she's finished. This has made things easier for us, taking some of the guesswork out of it. HTH.
Why would you think she needs MORE solids when she's rejecting what you're feeding her now? I agree, stop spoonfeeding and let her self feed.

honestly, I think teething gets a really bad rep- of course, certain babies deal with it more easily than others and definitely when the tooth is just about to break through it is much more uncomfortable- but I also think that in baby-world, when there is a problem we really can't answer, teething is often the scapegoat, ykwim? (not saying I haven't done it myself! lol)

I too have an "easy" baby- but you know, that easiness did get a little touch and go from about 7 months on. I think sometimes their little personalities develop more and while from day 1 I'd been saying "shes SUCH an easy baby, never ever cries" eventually I had to start questioning myself and going, wait, she does cry and fuss a little sometimes nowadays! I think they learn impatience and frustration and also as they become more in touch with their feelings and how to express it, they can be a tad moodier.

I really don't think it's solid food. If she was hungry, she'd be nursing more, not less. I would experiment with different fruits and veggies to see if there are some that she really enjoys- took me a while with dd, she sounds a lot like your baby, never very enthusiastic about the solids, but lately she really seems to like bananas and pears finally.

OTOH, if this has only been going on for a short time, maybe she is coming down with something or has a mild virus? good luck! hopefully it is just teething!
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