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Teething Toddler Support Thread

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Ds2 (18 months) is getting a new tooth and it sucks. He is FREAKING OUT.
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My 15 mo is cutting her one-year molars (she is a bit slow teething) and it has been hell. They are most of the way through, but there is still some gum overlaying the tooth, and it has got to be painful - those puppies are huuge!!
I remember from my elder DDs that they were like different little people when teething was done. I am looking forward to that - maybe then we can get some sleep! (Hoping, with crossed fingers!)
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My son just turned 17 months old. Ge just broke his bottom eye teeth about a week or so ago. His 1 year molars on top are not going well at all. He developed eruption cysts on them and it could be months before they come through, he has been working on them for about 6 months already
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I thought we finally had some light at the end of the tunnel when the fourth molar came through -- been working on them since October! -- and now 3 of the four canine teeth have poked out in the last two weeks
: I'm waiting for #4 and hoping for at least one restful night before her prom.
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My 29 month old son is getting his 2 year molars right now and I so agree with both of you that it is so terrible! He is only cutting two of the four molars but those two are swollen real bad and I know he is in a lot of pain. He has also been pulling and grabbing alot at his jaws. I have been using Boiron's teething liquid on him and that seems to help some.

He has been so miserable lately though and I can relate to how you feel.

Mom to Rebecca (12) and David (29 months)
Ugh, my 14 month old just cut her THIRD tooth, first tooth since she was 8 months old. The fourth should cut in the next few days, and her gums are really swollen in several spots, so I think we're going to get a whole bunch at once.

This last tooth has taken about a month to erupt though. A month of bad nursing and lots of crabbiness.
Your poor kiddos! DS is done getting teeth for a while, the last of his 2 year molars just started poking through. He has always had a really easy time getting teeth. But my poor DD (10 months) just got her 2 front teeth in to add to the 2 bottom ones she has and she was absolutely miserable for at least a week
Her gums got bloody and swollen and it was awful. I gave her motrin before bed every night 3 or 4 times because there is no way I was going to watch her in pain
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Yep my DD is getting more teeth @23 months!

I'm all for homeopathics and tea! Chamomile, catnip works WONDERS!!!!

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Count me in. Ds is getting a 2yr molar and a canine, thankfully the last canine. My happy happy child is crying over everything now and when he gets hurt or scared he really only wants daddy!! Not to mention his gnarly diaper rash. Poor thing. Hoping for some good sleep soon as well. Mary
My girl is getting her 2 year molars in and I feel so bad for her
. I noticed her two on the bottom are halfway through so hopefully it won't last too much longer. It took an hour and a half to put her to bed tongiht and she'd wake up crying in pain whenever I tried to get up
. She is so irritable and cranky and I wish there was more I could do.

Avena, how do you give your kiddos chamomile and catnip? Do you make tea?
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