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Teething tablets arent helping anymore. She is getting the top two teeth and VERY irritable and just unhappy. What else can I use? I gave her tylenol earlier...but would rather not do it again. Thanks!
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Teething can hurt. If tylenol's keeping you both sane, then i see no harm in using it ocassionally. BUt what about freezing some damp wash cloths, then she can suck and chew on them?

Most importantly just try to make her as comfortable as possible.and be there for her. if she needs to be alone, then give her her space, if she needs lots of cuddles then cuddle away!!
Hyland's has their teething tablets in a gel form too... maybe that would be more helpful??

I've given Tylenol on occassion when teething... mainly when my son had a fever and was too irritated to sleep. I wouldn't see it to be an issue if you gave it to her again. If you're concerned about liver issues, maybe you can talk to a naturopath about what the appropriate dose of milk thistle to give after would be to help detox the liver.

Frozen washclothes never worked for us, but frozen banana pieces did.
I used to put them in one of those mesh feeder thingies. Kind of messy, but my son used to love it. (Gave them to him when he was naked and in his highchair... after, we'd have a nice big bath.)
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frozen carrots were a big hit around here. but we also doled out plenty of tylenol before bed. if dd was having a crazy chompy day and didn't nap well due to teeth i'd give her a dose before bed.
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my ds is an excruciatingly painful teether. I can sometimes use all of the methods above, plus tylenol and motrin with not complete relief! Don't feel guilty about tylenol sometimes (please don't flame - there is a reason it exists!) - you know we would want some kind of relief if we were hurting that bad, too.

Anyways, all of the above (in posts above) helps, but you may also consider trying clove oil. If you can't find it on the supermarket shelf, you can usually ask a pharmacist for it - in some places they keep it behind the counter - you don't need an Rx, you just need to ask for it. (it is somewhat volatile, so I guess that is why they keep it back there?). Anyways, place a teeny-tiny (i mean just barely moisten the very tip of your finger with some of the oil, like just dab your finger onto the rim of the container) amount on your finger, and rub it right on the area where the tooth is coming in, or as close as possible. Ds knows to "bite down" on my finger as I do it and it helps get it soaked in. I have used it on ds with pretty much complete relief of pain for a couple hours at a time. If you use a bit much, you may notice baby turns a little red in the face or will cough, etc. Don't freak, it's ok - it is just very strong. Offer water or put baby to breast.
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Our naturopath suggest 2 30c bead things of Chamomilia 1x per day. After a few days it is working for us. Before that we tried hylands tabs, orajel, tylenol and jack.
Funny, Baby Orajel did nothing for Jett. We tried Tylenol in desperate situations and it worked well, SOME of the time. Hylands consistently worked, sometimes it knocked out all of his pain, sometimes it lessened it. It ALWAYS works at least enough to get him to sleep, if he's having trouble.

Chamomile tea, if baby is old enough for something other than BM is a good thing, too. Drank cold, it helps both physically and homeopathically.

I've never tried the clove oil, but that sounds like a good idea.
I've also never tried, but am not averse to trying a little whiskey dabbed on the teething location.
VIBORCAL!!!! VIBORCAL!!!! VIBORCAL!! It is a homeopathic liquid (comes in little viles) and it works very, very, well for teeting pain. YOu can get it at most health food stores.

I would never, ever use clove oil on my babe, just my opinion.

It's spelled viburcol, I think. I had a lot of trouble finding it. Tried it, too, sometimes it helped, but when the pain was severe, it didn't work for us. Depends on how much your baby hurts with teething.
Why no clove oil? Works like a charm for us and I researched it pretty thoroughly. Like I said, I use a TEENy-tiny bit - if you even use enough to saturate the tip of a q tip that is about 100 times too much.
Try posting in health and healing or even the vaccination forum about tylenol. They will tell you more than you ever wanted to know!
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