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I have two suggestions for you. The first is that you could limit her tv viewing to certain times of the day, such as when you are cooking dinner or something. That way you can simply say, "There is so much to do during the day that we need to make sure we have time to get it all done. Watching tv is one of the things we want to do, so we need to make sure there is time for it, but not so much time that the other things we want/need to do don't get done." If she asks to watch tv at other times, remind her that it's not tv-watching time. I'd imagine that eventually she will get used to this and not feel that she's being punished. Of course, you have to model appropriate tv habits, too, and make sure that you provide plently of activities during the day, both entertainment-type and household task-like.

The other suggestion is one I just read about in a back issue of Home Educatiom Magazine. Allow your daughter to earn tv-watching tickets from you, to be used whenever she chooses (within reason, of course; no Sex in the City for your daughter!). She can earn these tickets by exercising (the suggestion in HEM) or, in your case, she can earn them by entertaining herself. For example, for every 1/2 hour she spends drawing, reading, playing with dolls, etc., by herself, she can earn 15 minutes of tv time. You may need to model for her how to play.


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