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We adopted our son when he was 2 and he was already a tv addict. His foster home had way too many children. The 5 toddlers were constantly in their highchairs, placed in a semi circle in front of the big screen tv. When Kannon first started visits with us, he only knew 2 words and one was tv. He use to point to the stereo and say "tt,tt" ( he thought it was the tv). We would say no tv but we can listen to music. Kannon is now 6, our home is 95% tv free and he loves all kinds of music. Beethoven, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, The Clash, Johnny Cash....the list goes on. He also likes to listen to books/stories on tape. Things like the chronicles(sp) of Narnia and Redwall, native american folk lore.

After having said all that, I would suggest music and books on tape. In order to help her develop her imagination, I would avoid stories that she has seen on tv. That way she has to create the images and not recall what she has already seen. Also, I would suggest open ended imaginative toys. And not battery operated, push the bottom types that go be themselves.

BTW, We only have one tv and it has always been in our bedroom. Out of sight out of mind. Good Luck..
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