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A lot of us who have had children a little older placed have a problem with the TV and the fact that the children seem to need more entertainment then the average kids. Some of them (like my daughter) also never seem satisified with the amount of attention they do recieve... I have spent hours playing "Polly Pockets" and only hear--"we hardly even played and now you quit!" For a long time I could NEVER seem to give her enough.....

Many families have gone so far as to get rid of the TV--but, I cannot live without it sooooo that was not an option for us. I have resorted to setting time limits to when the tv can be on.... I allow some in the morning after everyone is dressed and ready for the day and then the TV can be turned on After Dinner for an hour.

As for entertaining my little girl I have actually found that She wants to help me do household chores... I usually don't like children doing chores because I am so picky but..... this has given us time together and she has great pride in herself for the work she does....

I also SET a timer and let her know that we are going to spend 15 mins and play a game or read or just sit and talk and when the time dings I want her to find something to play with....

Sometimes when I see that she is just sitter there stairing at me...and wanting my attention we do "Picked Plans" and this is where I give her a choice of two plans (fun, chores, or whatever).

I think that my daughter just never had the chance to develop a safe imagination--her world was so scary that pretending is not normal to I have had to work hard and TEACH her how to play.... We actually practice playing and as time has passed she is starting to be able to entertain herself more and more....BUT, the TV is a distraction and has not helped her heal or attach with more often then not our tv is off. That is how I got hooked on the internet and ended up making my huge website!
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