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Tell Kerry who you want for a running mate!

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I just emailed the Kerry campaign urging him to seriously consider Dean or Kucinich for VP. I think he needs to hear from us who we want to see running with him!!! You can email him here:

Under topic use suggestions, and write your message!! Let the man know!
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last night on Charlie rose the pundits discussed that it seems to be John Edwards.
Oh yeah, John Edwards. Yippee. Can I contain the excitement.
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Gary Hart worked on the terrorism commission that was up and running long before 9/11--i believe they started work in 1999 (maybe 98?). he has a solid understanding of the threat and what is required in terms of protection of our infrastructure, as well as the foreign policy needed to deal with it, moreso than anyone else out there.
If Kerry gets McCain it's all over but the fat lady singing.

But it likely won't happen I'd bet on Edwards to get the southern swing votes and because Edwards is articulate.

Anybody But Bush...

I still think it may be Clark, but of course I rather see him choose Howard Dean.
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No man, not Dean...we need him on the "outside"...think about it.

But it would tickle me if Dean were the pick. It really would.

Joyce in the mts.
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