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My best friend, an addict, who was nearly drug free for many years, recently found a new drug of choice -- meth. I know, it's very scary.

I just talked to her and she is on her way to a meeting (thankfully!) and is considering in-patient treatment to begin her recovery.

She is married and has three kids (18, 12, 8). She knows the kids "know" something is going on with Mommy, but the issue has not been discussed at all and, with her habits and the way she uses, she has somehow managed to keep it enough of a secret that they have not asked or attempted to validate their concerns, fears or curiosity.

She just asked me what I thought about what she should tell the kids, how much she should tell and anything else in that vein. I told her, above all, to not lie to them (i.e. being someplace else when she might be in a treatment center), but that I would see what else I could find out. I tried the two therapists in my life (who work with kids and teens) and they are on vacation.

So, will you please offer your insight on this one issue -- how and what to tell the kids about the addiction, the treatment and the recovery. I'd like to be able to forward the thread to her sooner than later.

Thanks so much,
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