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(cross-posting in Birth Pros)<br><br>
My pelvic pain has, in the last 6 weeks, gotten unbearable. I've been seeing my chiro regularly throughout, but had to miss several weeks between travelling and her having a baby. Since I've been going back, it has really not even helped. I have had bad pelvic pain (SI joints, SPD, etc) in each pregnancy, but this has topped them all! It's been so bad I could literally barely walk.<br><br>
So I finally went to a massage therapist that I'd been very happy with before and my MW also recommended. She did a lot of work on ligaments, etc., but also discovered that my coccyx is misaligned - i.e., crooked. I mentioned it to my chiro today (in hopes maybe she can fix it?) and she suggested I could've broken it during my last birth (an HBAC).<br><br>
So, my questions...<br><br>
1. How would one know if they broke their coccyx (tailbone) during labor? What kind of pain is generally associated with it? I had a lot of discomfort in my tailbone after that birth, but it was a more dull, extremely achy kind of pain - not anything sharp.<br><br>
2. What kind of positions are most likely to contribute to a broken coccyx? I labored all over but ended up delivering on my back, basically. Would that be a factor?<br><br>
3. If, in fact, one has a broken coccyx, what can be expected of subsequent births? Is it likely to impede birth? Or being already broken, might things actually go faster? Are there certain positions that are generally better for dealing with birth with a misaligned/broken coccyx?<br><br>
4. Anything else to know about it? Is it common to have a misaligned coccyx even without a break? Is this something I should actively work to have "fixed" before labor, or just leave it be?<br><br>
Thanks for any input!
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