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Tell me about different types of MW's

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I know there are CNM, which are certified nurse midwives... which means they became nurses first, and then midwives?

Please tell me about the different types/ways to become midwives.

I'm just curious. In 25632 years, when my rugrats are all growed up I'd like to become a MW.
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You'll need 25632 years to sort out all the types of midwives and pathways to getting there!

There is fairly recent thread that goes on (and on and on, LOL) about the types and ways to get there.
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Also, see if you can get your hands on a copy of the book Paths to Midwifery (published by Midwifery Today).

If you're looking for information online, I've found that MANA/CPMs/DEMs tend to have good descriptions of all types of midwives, where as ACNM/CNMs, um, don't. So check out MANA and Midwifery Today for good overviews, and ACNM if you want more info specifically on CNMs.
a long article, but the most comprehensive one i know of (it was included in the book arwyn mentions (pathways to midwifery) and is in pdf format):

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