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Tell me about Febrile Seizures...

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DS had one yesterday

He's fine, fever broke this evening, but I want to know more...
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First time DS ever got a fever, I only knew b/c he started shaking in my arms. Scary!

However, I learned a lot about them long before even being pregnant, so once the initial EEK wore off, I just called our ND, got the advice to get us into a tepid bath, and all was good. He cooled down a bit and felt better b/c of the bath, and was fine.

As far as I ever learned, they rarely mean anything bad, they are just temporary things that can happen when the fever gets high, fast.

I don't worry at all about it happening again; I've read that statistically if they have had one they might have more, but since it wasn't much of a big deal with the first one, that doesn't worry me.
Thanks, I needed to hear that!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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