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Tell me about fitteds and covers...

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I use pockets and AIO's, but I am curious about fitteds and covers. What makes them so great? Why do you love them?

See, I'm a little confused about these things. I mean, I see adorable fitteds in such cute prints, but then you have to put a cover over it. I like the idea of being able to reuse the cover over and over again, mainly because I like to match my dd's diapers to her outfits, lol! But then you have to unsnap two things to change your child's diaper (cover and fitted) than just one (the pocket).

I'm assuming covers would dry very quickly, but what about the fitteds? Would they?

And I don't do wool (even though I hear how wonderful it is, I'm just not ready for that yet, lol!)

But even after all that, I am strangely interested in covers and fitteds...
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I use to be like that, "Why would you buy printed fitteds and put a cover over top of it?" I think it's like underwear, no one really sees your cute undies, but you or maybe your DH and you buy them anyway
Did that make sense? LOL
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my fitteds and wool!!! And so do my kids. Kieran likes to help pick which diaper we'll change Gemma into next (he's especially partial to a VK mermaid print and our new Fussybutt embroidered undersea scene cover
) and Gemma is starting to get into that, too. We talk about the colors, the prints, how many of each item on the print, etc., so I see it as a fun learning tool, too. (Bet you didn't know cloth diapers could teach your child to count, as well as be environmentally healthy and better for your babe's bum?!? :LOL)

The biggest reason I like all of those print fitteds that I then cover with something else? They make me smile. I enjoy folding the diapers, even when I don't enjoy folding ANYthing else, simply because those prints make me happy. And each diaper has a special meaning to me, too, you know? This one I won at the FF auctions, and this one was my first custom with this WAHM, and this one looks so cute on Gemma, and this one is Kieran's favorite (see above).
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When you use a fitted with a cover, there's a lesser chance of leaks/wicking (IMO). You can get "QD" (quick dry) fitteds that wash and dry faster than an AIO, however a QD AIO would wash/dry as well as the fitted+cover. Some fitteds are very thick and take a long time to dry. You just have to read the diaper description to see what the construction is. If the cover has a PUL inner (meaning, there's no fleece inside), you can use it throughout the day given there isn't any urine/feces around the edges. I liked to wash mine after each use, but you can really get the bang for your buck this way.
I agree about the pretty fitteds issue.. but in the summer, we'd just use fitteds with no cover most days. They were shown off alot :LOL . And like everyone else said, it's more for you than anyone else. I, personally, would keep my super cute fitteds in the diaper bag as an attention grabber for those unfamiliar with cloth diapering. They'd see the cute print and want to look at the diaper. Plus, cute prints look great on the changing table
. I used to do a rainbow effect with

Good luck!
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I found we have fewer leaks/wicking (as pp noted) with fitteds & covers, AND by shopping carefully for seconds & used dipes, I could accumulate a stash for a bit less money.

That said, we do love pockets for the diaper bag--quick & easy is important when you don't have an optimal changing surface! (WHY do restaurants always seem to have their TALLEST employee decide where to hang the changing table?)
So are fitteds with covers cooler for summer? My dh is worried about the Fuzzi Bunz being too hot at night. If you use a fitted w/o a cover, how long will it take for it to start wicking? And do they come in ultra-trim shapes?

Thanks for all the info so far!

Originally Posted by peekyboo
So are fitteds with covers cooler for summer? My dh is worried about the Fuzzi Bunz being too hot at night. If you use a fitted w/o a cover, how long will it take for it to start wicking? And do they come in ultra-trim shapes?

Thanks for all the info so far!
I think fitteds and wool covers are cooler, if you use a pul cover it's probably similar to using a FB. A lot of people do use pockets in the heat though, without any problems.

If you use a fitted without a cover, it will pretty much wick in one pee almost every time. Only the *thickest* of my fitteds (which are not quick drying) don't wick on the first pee. But I don't consider that to be an issue since I change my DD with every pee.

There are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of fitteds. Trim fitteds, thick fitteds, quick drying, prints, hemp, cotton, sherpa, what have you. Firefly diapers makes a very nice trim fitting quick drying fitted diaper, you might want to check those out My favorite fitteds are Patchwork Pixie and SOS diapers. SOS take along time to dry but PWP has a snap in soaker design that dries fairly quickly.

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I was a lot like you, really happy with pockets but curious about fitteds and covers. They seem so much more interesting than an all-FB stash, don't they? :LOL

But here's what I discovered (for me at least). Putting on a fitted and a cover and then clothes is a pain. Too much fastening! Plus if you have anything other than a cover like Bummis or Bumkins, things can get bulky quickly. I just never reached for fitteds and covers once the novelty wore off.

So, I love my fitteds but only under wool items that can double as clothes. I highly recommend giving that a try!
But if you just want your kiddo in regular clothes, pockets and AIOs are way easier IMO.
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Thanks so much! That really does help. Maybe I should try them for night time diapering.
I like fitteds and covers because they are so versatile! Some days my son runs around in nothing but a cute fitted. If we go out, like today, we went to lunch, I put him in a fitted with a pul cover since I wanted to put him in a cute pair of jeans shorts and his wool was too bulky. Some days he wears a fitted with wool shorts, and we always use wool soaker at night.
And quick dry fitteds dry fast, and the wool just gets aired out, and pul covers dry really fast. A true aio doesnt dry so fast, but I do have a few for the diaper bag. But I really prefer fitteds and covers!
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