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Tell me about grinding meat

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...because I clearly am not getting it right!

I have a Kitchen Aid mixer with the meat grinding attachment. Today I decided to try it out -- I thought I'd easily grind up a beef roast into hamburger. Whoo hoo, cheap ground beef!

Well, it sucked.
I spent an hour grinding up 3 measly lbs. of meat, and I only ran it through the grinder once (I was too annoyed to do it again, even though the instructions indicated that this was a good idea). I had to stop and clear the blade after every couple of tablespoons, because it constantly got all caught up.

Now, I used a top round roast, so I *know* that it's not the tenderest... so this may have been my problem. I cut out as much sinew as I could, and cubed it pretty small, but it still got caught up. I will definitely never try to grind that cut again.

If YOU have a meat grinder (esp. a KA), what cuts of meat do you use it for? Any tips on the process?
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Nobody? Really?

Should I post this in a different forum?
I've used meat grinders, and frankly, I much prefer to just do it in my food processor. We dont' eat enough ground meat to make it worth the trouble of using a meat grinder that takes forever and is a pain to clean.
I don't have a KA- but I have used a traditional grinder- the sort that you fix onto the counter and turn a crank, and I've never had an issue with that.

hope you figure it out! That sounds super frusturating.
We have a meat grinder, the old fashioned sort that you clamp to your table/counter and grind... and it grinds meat up super well on the first go around, without cutting it up at *ALL*... So, IDK... maybe try *not* cubing it?? Unless the instructions said to??
I've only ground chicken in my KA so I don't know if this will apply, but I usually cut it in strips against the grain of the meat. Also did you have the mixer set on the recommended speed? I can't remember what number that is right now, but I found that one click faster worked better for me.

Good luck.
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