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Tell me about Phillipsburg, NJ/Easton, PA

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I spoke with a recruiter about a job in Phillipsburg, NJ today and it sounded pretty promising. Of course nothing is settled yet.

Tell me about the area, anyone out there?

We have lived in NJ in Ocean, Monmouth and Middlesex Counties.
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I don't live there, but I can tell you I go to Easton a lot! I frequent the Wegmans and the mall there, since our mall is horrible. I do have a lot of friends that live that way and they are all pretty happy there (Easton that is). It's a nice area, if you find the right spot to live. I know I have seen a lot of really nice Victorian homes and stuff there.
We live in Ocean County but almost moved to Philipsburg and I did a lot of research. It's an interesting area... lots of growth - tons of new housing development but it seems the business in the area is playing catch up to the crazy housing influx. Most people seem to commute to PA for lots of stuff - either work or housing and shopping (housing was way cheaper in PA when I looked).

It's a unique area but good proximity to lots... in the end, we were willing to move there for the area but it didnt work out mutually job-wise with both the employer and us.
don't know if you're planning on homeschooling, but the phillipsburg school district is an abbott school district. some of the currounding areas in nj are nice - greenwich twp is fine, from what i know.

easton's surrounding areas are nice, also - college hill is adorable, and there are lots of families in the developments in the townships. PA will be cheaper than new jersey bc of real estate taxes.
We lived in College Hill in Easton (Lafayette College) and loved it... loved the area, too. There's a Lehigh Valley Holistic Moms Network in Bethlehem. We moved away b/c of work, but I'd move back there if I could!
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I don't live there (I live in Bergen county,) but I have an old college freind who does. It's very hilly, and gets quite a bit more snow than the rest of NJ
:. It is near a bunch of fun daytrips, like the Crayola factory, some wineries, galleriers in Allentown, etc
:. It's about an hour drive down to Philly, and an hour and a half too NYC.

Yeah, basically my experience is limited to a few winter weekend
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I grew up in easton and pburg, my parents finally settled in Bethlehem right before high school and they are still there. It's a great area with access to a lot (nyc, philly, the poconos) and tons of stuff to do. There has been a ton of growth and my friends that stayed in the area love it.

That said, if you plan on sending to public schools, really do your homework. I dont know much about pburg school district and I graduated hs 16 years ago, I do know Bethlehem is not what it once was and Easton was worse.
I was born and raised in Easton and am back in the area.

I do love this area... it is close to major cities, and has a very unique feel all of it's own.

I would consider living in Easton if I worked in P-burgh... taxes can be insane in NJ. But don't live anywhere downtown in Easton! lol Not the best of neighborhoods...

Or better yet... look at houses in Wilson Borough which is a small suburb of Easton, and rated the best school district in the area. What a PP said about Bethlehem not being that great anymore is true, it is actually the worst in the area now... Easton isn't that bad and they do offer a lot of choices for extra curriculars and such. Wilson is my number one pick for school districts in this area, but Easton is not a bad second and likely where my kids will start their education as living in Wilson is more pricey and we will need to build our equity to get a house there.

There are a ton of houses on the market right now too and for very reasonable prices because of the market crash that happened a year and a half ago. If you want to check neighborhood locations definitely PM me. I know Easton, Wilson and Bethlehem very well as I have lived here all my life and know of the "stay away" from neighborhoods.

What I love most about this area is the abundance of parks. There are plenty of beautiful parks with walking trails and such. I'm currently renting a house in the good part of Southside Easton, very close to Hugh Moore Park.

Again, definitely feel free to PM me with any questions you may have about neighborhoods or anything.
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or, you can buy my house in wilson boro. rofl!
Thank you for the replies.

I have to see if I get an offer first. If that happens I might be sending out PMs to those in the area.

My son is only 2 so I wouldn't need to worry about schools right away and we would be renting.

We might take a drive out next week.
I live in Flemington, about 30 minutes from Phillipsburg (P'burg, ha). It's not a place we would ever choose to live -- a lot of the housing is very run down, as are a lot of the businesses.

However, there are a lot of very nice nearby areas (like Flemington, Clinton, Frenchtown, and a bunch more). Or you could live in PA and save money on rent -- I wouldn't recommend Easton, but there are lots of other nice areas just over the border.

Also, if you stay around long enough, there is an amazing charter school in Blairstown, about 40 minutes from Phillipsburg -- but several families that attend are from Pburg so there are opportunities for carpooling. That's where my daughter goes, and even though I was originally a homeschooler, it's an awesome place.
I interviewed today for a job in Phillipsburg and I think it went pretty well. I should know for sure next week.

We drove around Phillipsburg and into Easton today. If I am offered the job we would be moving into the area in late May.
I lived in Wilson for 11 years - and loved being able to walk just about everywhere! Granted, our house was only on a 0.0625 acre plot, but we lived right across the street from Meuser Park, which has a great playground, open space, the community pool and community center. The library (with the most awesome children's librarian) is 5 blocks from the park.
I know Wilson schools are generally rated higher than Easton, but honestly the elementary ratings are not great. (We homeschool, so it wasn't an issue for us.) From what I hear, Pburg schools have been going really downhill the last few years - don't really know why. My fil works in Bethlehem SD, and would have paid their tuition to go elsewhere if we were in Bethlehem - HOWEVER I know some kids who have really flourished in BSD as well.
There is a FANTASTIC charter school in Bethlehem.
The farmers market in Easton is the longest continuously run market in the country - and they have worked with the artist community in the past as well to offer children's activities. Many artists in Easton have moved from NYC, since it's cheaper. And that has contributed to the growing arts culture in Easton.
We moved away for job reasons.
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I did most of my growing up in Phillipsburg. My family is still there. I moved to Nazareth PA once I moved out on my own. It is less expensive to live here and the school district is amazing. My thoughts are that the outskirts of Phillipsburg and Easton are good to go but within the city/town, not so great. I travel from Nazareth to Phillipsburg for work everyday, takes about 15min. Feel free to contact me, I'll be glad to answer some questions or if it comes to it, show you around. Good Luck!
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