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Tell me about Shopping Cart Covers!!!

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I didn't know about these until recently when I noticed other mom's using them in grocery stores. I'm expecting in November but would like to get one now and start using one on DS now... Any feedback would be appreciated on really good brands/features. I see they are priced between $30-45. Please SPAM me with websites/info. Thanks!!!
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I would recommend one that goes all the way around the seat. I received one as a gift that only covers the back and the front of the seat, and the first time I used it my son immediately leaned over to taste the (uncovered) side of the cart.

There are some that fit both shopping carts and restaurant high chairs. That would be nice, too. Sigh.
i have one of each.
the first one is a pad that lays in the seat and then has a belt that loops around him (since half the carts in the stores have broken seatbelts. ugh). then theres a part that wraps just around the front bar so he doesn't chew on it. It cost me under $20 and is on my fs list now cuz I got the full seat cover kind - they do run $35-$45. I found mine at a yard sale for much cheaper.

hope this helps. if you want my little half cover (it works, just doesn't cover the entire seat like the big ones).. .pm me and i'll sell it to ya for $8 including shipping
I have a "Buggy Bagg" and I love it....though it was kind of expensive. I think I got mine on ebay for around $50 but you can get them from their website too

You can use it over shopping carts AND highchairs (though it works better over carts) that was a plus for us. Its easy to get in the cart - you can do it with one arm while holding your baby. It also has compartments for storage such as your wallet, keys and toys. I used it mostly when my son was under 12 that he's a toddler we don't use it as much. It was especially useful when ds could not sit up well...the extra padding held him time he even fell asleep in the highchair w/buggy bagg.
I made mine and have made some for friends 'cause of the cost. With the labor involved, the ones you buy on-line aren't a bad deal! They really are worth the cost. I found one at TJ MAXX the other day. I bought it to save for a gift. YOu might check there if you have any. It was $20.
I love mine - I got it at

She made it custom with my fabric and it looks great. Has two pockets, two toy loops, is padded, has a pillow and an attached matching bag to carry it (reversable, with pockets). It also has its own seatbelt, which is a bonus since Doodle likes to chew on belts. He can't sit on his own yet so the padding is great - that, the pillow and the belt keep him up. It also fits on highchairs.
I got one from one step ahead, that covers the front of the cart and has a 5 way harness to hold the baby in. I HATE it! The problem being that it only works on the shopping cart of ONE store in my town. The rest of the carts are too wide.

I ordered another one, with much less frills (e.g. MUCH easier to get ONTO the cart) from a SAHM who makes them. It's jut fabric with elastic and has it's own seat belt (that loops around the back of the seat). Since it's so stretchy, it will even fit over Sams/Costco carts!

I bought my cart cover from the woman at the above link. She's a WAHM. I never, ever go anywhere without it! I even use it in highchairs at some restaurants. I've washed it a million times and it's just as great as the day I got it. I think these are a little pricey, but the quality is excellent. I buy them as shower gifts. It is lined with cotton quilted material and it's so comfortable.
We have the Leachco Safe Shopper set:

There are two separate pieces: One is a seat with a sturdy velcro strap that wraps around DD's body to keep her in place. This was nice because it allowed me to use it before she could totally sit up on her own, which she absolutely loved!

The other piece is the part that wraps around the handle. There are loops for attaching toys.

Here's a close-up picture:

I really like this one because it folds up compactly, so I can fit it in the diaper bag. I originally had one of the mammoth seat covers, and it was just too inconvenient for me.

I didn't have anything with my other two, I don't even know if they made them back then. My latest one has severe allergies to many different things and asthma too that makes his immune system weak, so we needed to take pre-cautions to help him avoid unnecessary germs. We looked around and found this great shopping cart cover that really covers the whole thing, with a pocket to hold things in and of course a wonderful safety strap that goes around the whole seat and grows with them. It folds up in one piece and fits into a regular diaperbag or as we put it into a reuseable shopping bag.

We use this on the shopping carts, the public swings, just about anything that needs a cover. It is called the "Floppy Seat Child Safety Shopping Cart Cover. Here is a link to it so you can see it and maybe if you like bid on it:
I hope this help you out with your search for the perfect shopping cart cover.
There have been studies that show certain germ-phobic practices actually hinders the development of a strong, healthy immune system.

I have never used a shopping cart cover. Before my little ones were big enough to sit in the buggy, I carried them in a sling.
I got the 'clean shopper' off of ebay. It's awesome, all one piece, just slips right over cart, can be done with one hand.. very easy. comes with plastic carry case, i keep it in truck and use it every shopping trip, ds loves the animal print. Ive gotten lots of questions about it while shopping, wish i was crafty and i could make them!

Think it was around $20.00

Originally Posted by stafl
There have been studies that show certain germ-phobic practices actually hinders the development of a strong, healthy immune system.

I have never used a shopping cart cover. Before my little ones were big enough to sit in the buggy, I carried them in a sling.
I'm germ phobic and proud of it. My son is selectively/delayed vaccinated and because I make that choice for him I feel I also need to make the choice to protect him where I can. I also wouldn't put the cart handles in my own mouth because I don't trust people to wash their hands, ever. As an EMT I'm VERY cautious about what I bring home to him on myself/clothing as well.

I DO allow him to play with the dogs in our house - he's been "kissed" by them more times than I can count. I don't use harsh cleaners - he IS exposed to plenty of germs. I just try to avoid exposing him to things from thousands of strangers hands.

We do sling him, but my back and his independent streak prevent me from slinging him 100% of the time. Those times I'm thrilled to have cart covers.
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I have the Floppy Seat sold at Babies R Us stores for around $40. I LOVE it! I also use it at restaurants. I had a velcro type one with my first and it was so much of a hassle that I rarely used it. This one is comfortable for my baby, super easy to use, folds up into itself, and I like that it has a pocket for her toys, binky, etc.
Maybe it's just me, but I use a regular blanket to cover where ds is going to sit. He rarely yanks it off, and when he does, I just put it back.

The other day I forgot about the blanket and he gnawed a bit on the handle.. at first I was like, yucky, but I got over it. I still wouldn't want him to do it all the time, so I'll grab the blanket next time.

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