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I've lived in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. I love San Antonio. Next to Seattle, it's my favorite place to live in the country. And I've lived in a lot of places (New York City, Oakland, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, to name a few). I've also visited many more cities and stayed with friends there to get an idea of what it was like: Chicago, Portland, Eugene, Pittsburgh, Oklahoma City...
Dallas is very spread out. People told me that it's full of transplants and not real Texans before I moved there. It was kind of true.
Austin was great but full of traffic with no way around it and no parking when you arrived at your destination.
San Antonio is very affordable. The people there are friendly. I met an MDC mom there and we used to meet up at the park with our kids. I miss her
I also really liked the women at our Central Market LLL meetings. It's called the biggest little small town. It has everything I need and at affordable prices. And it's pretty, too.
I think east Texas is very humid and that's way worse than San Antonio's dry heat. When you live in Texas, you have to get used to air conditioning though. You can't really live without it.
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