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Tell me about three-year-old boys!

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I will be working in a day camp this summer and just found out that my campers will be three-year-old boys! Not what I expected - I had been picturing a bunch of school-age girls!

Anyway, my daughter is 6 1/2 and I barely remember that age. It's a very structured day with lots of fun, age-appropriate activities, but there are a few times each day where I have to keep them entertained. Any ideas? I have some of my own, but would love some more. Also, anything in particular I should look out for?

They're all out of diapers, by the way. I must say I'm a little surprised that people would send their 3 y.o. children to a full-fledged day camp for the whole day - not something I would do (nor would I be able to afford the astronomical tuition - DD goes for free since I'm on the staff!).
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Well, my going on 4 y.o. ds is very physical, not at all into crafts. He'll throw anything that isn't nailed down. He loves anything mechanical, construction vehicles, robots, cars, trains, etc. He likes playing with running water; seeing what paths it takes down hill, blocking the flow or digging a trench with a stick to make it go the desired direction.

Good luck! :LOL
At 3, my DS loved (at 4 still does):
cars and trucks
dirt piles
water play
tables w/rice, beans, other manipulatives
arts, crafts
Boys are just as fun
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My DS (turned 3 in February) loves:

cars and trucks
"painting" with water
building with blocks
play doh
Water, water, water!
dirt, sticks, rocks
machine noises
playdoh--include toy animals, tools, and small trucks for kids who aren't modelers

making real food--cutting apples or celery with butter knives, mixing oats/PB/honey/whatever to make snack dough

short sticks with streamers on a windy day

anything outside is better than anything inside.

This is just MY 3 year old boy--it's important not to forget that the boys who are into doll play and art are just as boyish as guys like him. I know, we all know that, but it can be hard to resist stereotypes, esp. when our own kids happen to fit them.

DS really gets into dolls sometimes, too, when a friend helps him know how to play wiht them--so maybe doing some stuff that stretches those limits would be a great chance for then to learn something new.
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Yep, to all of the above. In addition: pretend play (roar like a lion, hop like a kangaroo, fly like an airpline, make birthday cakes out of mud), hide and seek, silly songs and rhymes, cooking/baking projects, etc.

I wouldn't get too hung up on them being boys instead of girls. From watching the kids at ds's preschool, they do many of the same things!
storytime (circletime)
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My three year old goes to our daycare provider for three days a week and she is a saint. This week she and a friend made a pirate ship out of a big cardboard box and she got pirate books out of the library and she made a treasure chest with lots of old fancy jewels (buttons) and he has an eye hook and a patch. I want to stay with her too. They do messes... lots of messes. She lets them play with shaving cream and ice cubes and she makes her own playdough and they make sensory bottles and collect bugs and go on long nature walks.

Mostly she lets my boys be. She creates a space where they have lots to do and then she just sits back and watches. It is wonderful.

Good luck. Three year old boys know all there is about fun and games. Just play.
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