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tell me about your 5 month old

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DS is one week short of 5 months.

I think he is getting ready to teeth -- last 3 minths he has had a fever of 99.5 to 100. no other issues to account for it. and he is getting more and more cranky. He wants to nurse more and more, but doesn't seem to find it as calming as he did. sometimes he does, but a lot fo the time it is like "hum not quite what i wanted" and he stays grumpy. and he is biteing stuff -- not just mouthing it, choming down.

But his gums do not seem puffy or red like teeth are trying to poke through. Maybe they are jsut moveing around below the surface and ache??? I keep feeling them -- which he likes, he chomps on me -- but i do not feel anything.

He used to sleep 4 or 5 hours when i put him to bed, now i am lucky if it is 3 hours. he used to go 2 hours bewteen nurseing, now it is usally just under an hour (all day and all night after the first 3 hours).

ETA: I forgot -- a lot of crying, he has always been mellow and very easy to sooth and slow to cry...uh not any more. crying -- totally pissed -- a lot more and a lot faster (even when getting diaper done, which he always LOVED before, in fact we used to take his diaper off him just to make him happy and stop fussy -- he'd watch the moblie and kick, now he gets mad and crys like his little heart will break 75% of the time). He cries and cries like he is being killed. I can find nothing wrong with him. Very moody, very quick change in moods too.

Sound like your 5 month old?????

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Sounds a lot like mine. DD has been VERY fussy lately--lots of grabbing, biting, crying....It could be teething--often the signs appear a few months before the teeth do. Or it could just be a "5 month old" thing. It seems a lot of us are going through this now. Either way, I just keep telling myself that it has to pass eventually....
My 4 mo. old is a lot like that ...still sleeping decently, and not terribly moody. When he does get angry/frustrated it's usually because i've taken the boob away from him after he's fallen asleep and hasn't actually eaten anything in a while. If he wakes up from that then i know he isn't actually tired enough for a nap, so I just go about a bum change with lots of smiles and songs and things he likes, and he quickly snaps out of his 'mood' and gets smiley again.

But he's had rosey cheeks the last week or so, and chews on everything! (even my nipple from time to time....ouch!). But like you said, oyher than that it doesn't look like teeth are comming. My sister-in-law said her son started showing signs of teething at around 2 mos. and they're just cutting through now (at 9 mos.)
Olivia is definetly teething, everything goes in her mouth for her to chew on. She can roll over both ways on her own, though she never does it when we want to show people, little stinker. Just yesterday she started sitting up on her own for about 5 minutes before she leans too far and falls back, onto the pillow. She takes a short morning nap and about a 2 hour afternoon nap and then sleeps 12 hours a night getting up once or twice for a bottle.
yep, sounds like my little guy. come on over to the Oct. thread if you want, there are lots of us to commiserate.
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