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Tell me about your keeper experience

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I have been using the keeper for a year or so. But I have gotten so frustrated with it leaking and pinching that I stopped using it for a few months. I hate that though so I thought I would post here and find out if I can do anything about it.
I know it may leak if it needs emptying but yesterday it leaked right after I put it in.
: I twist it to make sure it has a good seal and I have re-read the directions several times.....So any help much appreciated.
I love my R&B pads though :LOL
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No problems with leaking, but lots of problems with it moving out of place and it becoming uncomfortable.
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i have the diva cup, wich is a lot like the keeper but made with silicone
i can't use it i have vaginismus, i knew when i got it that i probably couldn't use it but i got it anyway, eventually i will be able to use it
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