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Tell me about your local hfs

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I am just trying to get an idea of how we all shop for our food and to compare regional prices and customs.

I will go first.

I do 95% of our grocery shopping at our local co-op which is your traditional health food store. Our regular grocery stores do not carry any organics so that last 5% is for the times when I need something quick and just run to the local grocer (which is within walking distance of home).

Our co-op is in an old small former IGA building. The building and interior are in rough shape but you hardly notice when looking at all that good food. They have a kicka$$ organic produce section. I can get just about anything any time except for the big no-nos like out of season berries and such. In the summer, more than half of the produce is local. They do carry a lot of the processed "health foods" that I try and skip. There is a HUGE organic wine and beer selection. It has a big bulk section that has all of the organic beans, grains, oils, soaps, syrups, honey, tamari, nut butters, pasta, etc...... Unfortunately it also has a bulk candy section which is hard for kids to look at. Luckily dd still considers dried mangos to be a treat so we pick up a bag of that first so she can munch. There is a nice deli. There is always 3 soups, a good selection of vegan and veggie foods, and sandwiches to order. They do not carry any raw dairy (illegal here). We know most of the employees and they are usually heaping samples and cut-up fruits on dd the entire time we are there. She usually gets enough snacks to be considered "lunch" by the time we are done. You have to bag your own stuff but they do bring it to your car for you.

We eat 90% organic, NT-ish but still vegetarian, whole food diet. For 3 people that runs about $150 a week. That includes a bottle of organic wine and a 6-pack of beer but no non-edibles like TP or cleaners since we do not use any of that stuff. We are in the upper peninsula of MI.

Tell me about your store.
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We don't have ANY co-ops or hfs around here. I shop mainly at our local store and at Meijer's in the next town over. I can get SOME organics there, but not much.
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I love our local hfs. It's a little store - though it's 2x as big as it was when I was younger. It's owned by a brother/sister duo who are incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable. They have a huge vitamin/mineral/supplement aisle, organic "processed" food and groceries, organic produce, raw milk, small but tastey selection of organic/pasture raised meat, huge selection of herbal tinctures and homeopathic remedies ... I can basically get everything there or Trader Joe's. And they are so much cheaper than any other organic or grocery store around. I
our local HFS and it's close enough to walk to (except at 32 weeks pregnant, I choose to drive my boys there rather than push a stroller that weighs about 80 lbs with them in it.
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We have a huge selection here, cause there's so many dang hippies!

I, personally, shop at mainly the clearance grocery. It is about 75% Organic/natural foods. All at stupidly cheap prices (like it's a law that if you have a case of cereals or whatever, that if one comes open, or gets juice spilled on it, etc., you can sell any from that case, so this store buys them). We pay consistently $1.49 for organic eggs (just raised from .99 cents - wah!), $2.99 organic butter lbs., 99 cents - $1.29 organic cereal, 99 cents - $1.99 organic breads/tortillas, etc. They sell organic produce, but it's hit or miss. We were just getting organic 5 lb. bags of apples and potatoes for $2.99 until recently. Well, anyhow, that store is about 5 miles or so away from me, so I try to only go once a month (because it's in a warehouse district ... it's on the way to nothing!).

There's a coop within biking distance, but the selection is scant. Since we get most things from the clearance store and grow most produce in our garden, and make most things from scratch, there's not much I need there. I get tofu and spices, really. And anything else I need in a pinch.

I LOVE my town! There's also 2 large supermarket-type natural foods stores, and a couple more coops, but they're either a headache to go in with the kids, or too far away, so I very seldomly go there.
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