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Tell me about your multiple birthday party(ies)

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I can't believe my babes are already 8 months. It seems like in no time they will be turning 1 year! Twins don't run in our family so I am new to all of this. I am wondering how people celebrate their birthday. Do you have one party or two? I am guessing this year we will certainly just have one party since they are so young, but I am wondering what people do in the years to come. I'd love to hear your stories and traditions. Thanks!
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I'm so glad you posted this question Christy. My guys are 9 months now and I'm looking forward to their 1st bday party. I also have to decide what to do about DS1's bday as his falls 3 weeks later (he'll be 3). If anyone replying to this post can comment on singleton sibs with bdays close to the date of the multiples that would be great!
I'm considering throwing 1 party for all of them where we just invite family and then having friends of DS1 over to play to celebrate his actual bday (no gifts, basically a playdate with cake etc.) I imagine we will do things differently when DS2 & 3 are older. Looking forward to finding ideas here!
We have always had one (big) party. Same birthday, same family, same party, ya know? For their first bday we just did a big family party. I have the best pic of the boys both WAILING over their bday cakes (we did do two cakes). There is the same pic of me 23 years before, lol. For their second bday, we did a party at a Gymboree type place with family coming over afterwards. For their third bday, we did a party at a different kids' gym (we had moved to a diff. state). For the fourth bday, we went to see The Doodlebops Live, and then we had a very small breakfast party, which was really fun, we had choc chip pancakes and donuts instead of a cake, and it was really fun.

Here's the pic from their first bday party.
For our twin's first birthday we rented a pavillion at a local park. Each one has their own cake every year. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th we had them at our home. For each one we just invited close family- grandparents and their aunts and uncles. That made about 40 people each year. Their sixth party we had another family party but before that they each invited six friends from school over to our home for a little party. We did cupcakes for then. We usually do a pinata and we have bought balloons and put all of the kids' names on them and let them go. This year for their 7th, we are having a pool party. My sil and I have planned this since they were 2. They also have one child the same age and we went together and rented our local pool. It will be just close family and the kids' friends. I will have them a small cake on their actual birthday. This year we will celebrate our little one's birthday with our twins since her birthday is 2 days after the pool party.

I have been wondering the same thing. Their first bday will be here in 2 months

Where on earth did the time go?
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We didn't have a 1st b-day party for our twins. One of them was sick on their b-day and so was I. I am looking forward to this year though. We will do one party together. As they get older we will let them invite one or two friends to do something they want to do. That is what we do with the older ones. For example, last year my oldest wanted to go bowling for his birthday and my 3 year old wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese. Their b-days are 2 days apart so the oldest took a friend with us bowling and the younger one took a friend with us to Chuck E Cheese. We don't do big parties because we dont' have family here to do it with. It works for us.
We had 3 parties for the girls. 1 for immediate family on their american b-day, 1 for close friends on their hebrew b-day and a big hubaloo when out-of-town friends and family to get there.
My twin boys just turned five. We have always had enjoyable birthday celebrations. This is what has worked for us: age 1-4, very small parties, just family, or a friend or two. I make a layer cake and keep the layers separate, and we sing HB to each child individually. I can't stress enough how nice it is for each child to have their own cake and singing event. We had a big bash for them at age 5, with lots of adult friends (and beer!) too, and rather than bought presents we had a pot luck and asked people to bring something for the boys "museum" on the front porch (a stick, a rock, etc.). I'm so glad we waited until they were older to have a big party - we have never experienced the birthday crying fit!!
my guys will be one in a few months (
: )
we're planning on probably having my parents, maybe my brother, and our married friends who have two kids. My dad's b-day, mine, and the boys all fall within a few days of each other so it will be fun to all be together, even if it will all be focused on the boys. Probably the most exciting thing we'll do is eat cake

Now, my MIL wants to throw them a belated b-day party when we go visit them for Thanksgiving... that will be another story entirely if it happens... she comes from a huge Italian family who like to make a big deal out of things... I'm nervous about that one. I'm not a big fan of overdone kids parties that are overflowing with presents and seem to be more about the adults than the kids, especially when it isn't age appropriate.

I didn't know there were so many of us with our babies turning one so close together! We'll have to update each other on how our celebrations turn out.
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For me and my sister we always had one party (works for some, doesn't for others), but we always had our own cakes and when we were around 4 or 5 we each got to decorate our own too! They were quite a mess. We usually had the same friends growing up, but in the teens they may want their own parties and may not want their twin there (probably won't come up, but be prepared for that). We always had one family party and then a friend's party. good luck!
My guys share a party. We do home parties, though, so they get to choose the theme, and they don't have to agree on one. (For example, this year it was the Diego Dinosaur Adventure, because one wanted Diego and one wanted dinosaurs.) When we've done big cakes, they've each gotten their own, but to be honest at this age range we normally do cupcakes instead, it's easier and less messy, and they all get decorated in theme and the boys get their individual candles.

We did a very small 1st birthday with just us and a few family members. I wasn't inclined to do much for birthday #2, but my DD was hellbent on throwing a party (she'd just gotten really into celebrations) so we did (I picked one theme for that one though). Last year and these year they've chosen their own themes and helped with the setup. My kids are all very into 'adventure' parties though, so it's like a big collaboration.

I figure this will change eventually, and they may even want their own parties as they get older, we'll just play it by ear.
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My twins are only 15 months but for the first bday we just had one party. That's the plan for the future too. My 2 older dc (singletons) bdays are 1 month apart and we've been doing just one party for them as well, but they each get to choose their own cake. I figure when the boys get older we'll get them separate cakes as well.
My girls will be turning one at the end of this month (where did the first year go?). We'll probably just do a simple family party. For my sons, I baked them a little cake of their own (that they can make a big mess of) and used the remaining cake batter to make a cake for the rest of the family. I'm going to make two tiny cakes for the girls (one each), but since the remaining cake batter will be less, I'm making the rest into cupcakes for us.

I'm still undecided on whether the colors on their cakes will match or just coordinate. I'm still trying to figure out what gifts to buy them (I had only boys before them). Any suggestions for one-year-old-girl presents? Our income is rather limited, but I'd love some ideas (and I sew, so I might be able to make some inexpensive ideas based on some suggestions).

Michelle G.
when a friend of ours turned one I made her a really neat set from a butterick pattern. It was a bag in the shape of a barn and ten little barnyard animals stuffed and w/ button eyes and felt details. She really liked it. For my guys my mom and MIL are collaborating to make each of the boys their own barn set. I'm not sure butterick still makes the pattern and my mom currently has possession of it so I can't tell you the number or even offer to send a copy... It was fun to give her something that I had made that still was at least as cool as all the store bought presents

And also, on the original topic, we've changed our minds and decided to do a small group outing to the zoo for their b-day and get a year membership as their present. Then we'll have a little picnic afterwards.

We think we'll have to celebrate on a weekend near their b-day, but I would feel weird not marking the actual day of their birth in some way... what do you all do about this dillemma?
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Originally Posted by mommymaemae View Post
We think we'll have to celebrate on a weekend near their b-day, but I would feel weird not marking the actual day of their birth in some way... what do you all do about this dillemma?
What we do for all our kids is to have a party on the weekend and then on their actual bday, we have a special dinner (kids' pick) and give the child just one present and a cake (like homemade). This is something we do just btwn us (no guest are invited or anything). It's just a way to mark the occassion, kwim?
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First birthday we had family and a few of our friends over for brunch (was about 14 people including us), then had an open house with cake/drinks only for a few hours where TONS of people (40 in all I think) were invited. The reason we did this is that almost no one had seen our girls in person b/c they were born at 32 weeks on St. Patrick's day and by the time we got them home and felt we could have visitors, it was flu/RSV season again. Though it was technically still flu/RSV season for their birthday, we went ahead and had a big party. Just asked (nicely) that people not come if they were feeling sick at all. 2 smash cakes, one big sheet cake for the open house.

For their 2nd birthday we just had family and my best friends and their partners. About 14 people total....but I don't think they were all here at once. We did cupcakes...which the girls LOVED! Did mini cupcakes for them specifically (that they got to have all week for dessert).

We'll probably just have about 6 kids over for their 3rd birthday (3 friends each). They'll get to have a small celebration at preschool too. It feels like it will be the first year THEY really get the whole birthday thing. Will probably do cupcakes's so easy and nothing to cut! And you can get WAY creative with them!

4th birthday hopefully we will be just us.

After that, I'm with my sister on this.....only substantial parties every few years. When I was younger, I got to take one or 2 special friends to something big (like a Harlem Globetrotters game or the circus or one year I took my best friend to the beach with us) as a birthday treat.

As far as cakes go, when the girls are old enough to choose, I'll ask them what they want...1, 2 or cupcakes. Given that I make awesome, fancy cupcakes, I bet they'll choose the cupcakes for a while.

Oh...and for their 21st birthday, my hubby intends to take them somewhere for a green beer. Yes, they were born on St. Patty's day.

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My brother and I were born 11 and 1/2 months apart, so our birthdays fall exactly 1 week apart in January. We ALWAYS had to have a joint party, but we got separate cakes. We hated this after about age 6 or 7. Our family parties were always on our birthday, and we got to choose a special dinner.

For our DD we had a HUGE summer themed BBQ bash for her 1st b-day, at my parents house. It was great fun, and an awesome way to mark our first year as parents. The next year was just immediate family and godparents. Last year I was PG with the twins so we used the Children's museum and let her invite everyone she could think of. We provided the cake and the museum did the rest. It was cheaper than buying all of the party supplies and food we would have needed to have a party at our house, and I didn't have to do anything at all. This year will be at home again, and only 8 kids (because we always include siblings).

The boys birthday is coming up in October, and I think we are going to have a vaguely harvest theme to the party. We are planning to invite close family and friends, but that could be a HUGE number of people. DH's b-day is 3 days before the boys, so we will celebrate hi on the same day. I think we are going to do one cake. I saw ZADEE'S cake for Jand F today, and it was GORGEOUS! I think I will use the same bakery.
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For us the first birthday was a combined birthday/christening party and was HUGE. OK, it was 30 - 40 people, but that feels huge to me. It was more of a grown up party thanking all the people who had helped us over the year than a party actually for the kids. Next year we'll do a smaller party, but will continue to hold one party for both kids. When they are old enough to express a preference I will ask if they would prefer seperate parties and just follow their wishes.

(picture of the cake HERE. We have lots of cake left over, Jody, so if you want I can bring you some on Wednesday...)
we are a simple living family therefore, we like to make things rather than buy them whenever we can. we also really dislike what birthday parties have turned into over the years. did you know that it's not all that uncommon to invite the entire class to a birthday party? i once saw a birthday party for a 5 year old at the zoo i used to work at. she and her other 5 year old friends arrived at the zoo in 3 separate stretch limos!!! i wondered how her parents would top that one for her 6th birthday.

my sil has 3 parties for her two kids. one each where they invite the entire class and a third which is for just the extended family. do you know how many gifts that is coming into the house~almost like christmas.

our twins will turn 2 next month. this is what we're planning:

~i handmade the invitations w/ photos of my twins and dried flowers that they picked and pressed
~no store-bought theme here for us~they're painting their own party hats and table cloth
~we're doing a good old fashioned backyard bbq
~i'm making two separate healthy cakes
~we'll sing 2 versions of the happy birthday song

a few weeks ago, i sent emails to all who were invited about what is and isn't appropriate (in our house) as far as gifts go~no plastic please, no barbies, no war toys. we prefer wood and/or open ended toys. i gave them links for magic cabin, steiner books and a few others.

i'm making my daughter a waldorf doll and my husband is making a toy out of wood for our son.

looking forward to our special celebration!
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First & 2nd birthdays were one party, family only, one "theme" (picked by me). Third birthday was one party, friends & family, each girl chose her own "theme". Fourth birthday we did a "kid party" where each girl was allowed to choose up to 4 friends to invite, and then we had a "family party" for the grandparents & such on the weekend. Again, each girl chose her own "theme" for the kid party (we made brownies to supplement the leftover cake from the kid party for the grandparent party LOL). At this point I don't see a reason to do separate parties for the two of them, as they get older, if they seem to not like sharing one party we'll discuss doing two parties, maybe do one the weekend before their actual b-day & the other the weekend after.
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