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Tell me about your water intake

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Hey mamas,

I've noticed that my water intake has really increased in the last week or so (I'm about 21 weeks). I used to have to be diligent about trying to drink at least three 20oz bottles every day. Lately I've been easily drinking five of them--which is 100 ounces of water! And that's on top of any other liquids, like milk and juice. Of course I've also had an increase in trips to the bathroom.

Has anyone else noticed this lately? Is it just because it's getting warmer, or is it a 2nd trimester thing? I know I heard somewhere that the amniotic fluid is replaced every three hours, maybe that has something to do with it. Anyway, I'm just curious.
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i'm only 19 weeks, so maybe i haven't hit that point you're talking about. i have noticed a little more thirst lately, but i'm still only drinking 1.5L or so every day; more if it's hot or i'm cooking.

100 oz is a lot, but i guess there can be up to 3 pints of amniotic fluid, plus the increased blood volume, so that makes sense!

I'm 25 weeks. When it's hot out, I easily drink that much water in a 24-hour period.
I've been drinking a lot of water too, especially when it's hot out.
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