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Tell me all about your favorite wool wash...

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Time to buy some wool wash so I can fix up the covers for Emilia. What brand do you like the best & why? Do you prefer scented or unscented?


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WOW is still my favorite. I still prefer bar WOW over liquid because I feel like the bar gets it all sudsy and that gets into the fibers and gets it cleaner but some say that it causes felting (I only rub gently on the inside and all my soakers are doing awesome).

For WOW you can find it at My favorite scents are Plum Spice, Yuzu and Oh Baby. I really want to try that Hawaiin Vanilla though!

I've tried Euculan and it did nothing for me, I love for my wool to smell sweet and the lanolin in WOW extends the time between lanolizations.

I've tried the wool wash at Sellin Threads ( ) and it was nice. I tried Lavender Grapefruit. It sounds strong and the bar smelled strong but the cover didn't end up smelling strongly and actually smelled really nice afterward. I think it has a higher lanolin content than WOW and it wasn't as sudsy as I prefer but it was still very nice and I'd buy it again.

I really want to try the Soap Deck's wool wash though.. it's on my "to do" list! :LOL
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For liquid I like regular old Euculan.

But I prefer using bars that I make
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