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Hi there hsvmom!

I know it is hard. For me I just have to hold, feed, rock both of them. More often than not they both want me/need me at the same time. So for nursing I do it simultaneously. For naptime/bedtime the same. I'll either lay in bed with one on each side or sit in a rocker with one in each arm and nursing them both till content. This gets more challenging as they get bigger and much much more mobile. There are times where one is diving off my lap and the other is trying to climb over the back of the rocker. When it gets dangerous like that I move to the floor or bed (mattress is on floor). And those times that I just can't get to them yet I need them safe or stationary, I put them TOGETHER in their crib. We cosleep but sometimes use crib for naps. So for example if I know they are tired and they are both fussy but my 2 yo is in the middle of a meltdown from REALLY being overtired or whatever...I will put the girls in their crib with their fav toys and music and tend to ds until he is calm. Then I go back to the girls and nurse them simulantenously till they fall asleep or are content. Somehow leaving them together while I take care of ds makes it better. They aren't all alone for those few minutes while they wait for me.

So are you able to nurse/feed them at the same time? Or can you lay on floor or bed with them both? Make life easy for yourself. Have the mattress on the floor. We also keep lots of pillows on our family room floor for nursing and laying together.

I hope that helps! And welcome!!
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