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Tell you what, at 5-8 months or so, mine were so cranky I wanted to run away from home! I was bottle feeding, so feeding both simultaneously wasn't difficult - I think that was the point where they started feeding themselves a lot, and could hold their own bottles in their cribs (we began putting them down in the cribs at that age, but still take them into bed w/us if they wake up). And my husband & visiting relatives would help hold & cuddle.

I think that until they're about a year old, babies are just mostly a PITA!!! It's a good thing they're so cute! I doubt that you're doing anything "wrong" at all, you sound very attentive. I'm wondering if yours are teething & that's why they're so cranky at night. Or it could be growing pains. Or not getting enough sleep. Or wanting to crawl. Or just being 8 months old!

IMHO, relax. Time is your best ally. Once your kids can move around on their own & start having some independence, everything changes. I wasn't any too fond of mine for big parts of their first year - I kept attending to them, trying to soothe, and they fussed anyway. And I'd give them affection and attention, food, diaper, whatever. And they'd continue fussing. Very ungratifying! Truly, it sucked!

But nowadays we're really close - they respond totally differently and we have a lot of fun. We laugh and play all the time.

It's like the first year was just putting money in the bank & now it's coming back with interest.
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