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Tell me I'm crazy

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to have tested in the evening after holding it for 2.5 hours on 8 dpo. I used a FRER and it was negative. Completely negative. I tested positive with my daughter 9 dpo with FMU with an Aimstick. Could I still be pregnant? If I am pregnant why would it not even have a faint glimmer of a line when I was able to test at 9 dpo before? I am so upset right now and wish I hadn't even taken the [email protected] test! I was so sure I would get at least a really faint line. Now I have to go to church tomorrow and to visit family feeling like crap. Great. I was so sure I was pregnant. My cervix is really high and tilted back and I have creamy CM - that is what I had will both of my children. My cervix never goes like that post-O if I'm not pregnant. My breasts have been tingly and I've been nauseous. Is it possible that the symptoms are caused by the NPC I'm taking? Can progesterone cause pregnancy symptoms? AARRRRGHH! I am so stupid!
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IMO, that's way too early to test. The embryo doesn't even usually implant until 7dpo, maybe later, so your body barely even knows it's pg, if at all, at 8dpo. You may not have even had implantation yet because it can occur as late as 10dpo. You can't compare your last pg to this one. They are all different. My first pg I had no idea I was pg. I had two urine tests and a blood test at the local health clinic that were all negative when I was pg. My 2nd pg I had implantation spotting at 10dpo, tested and it was barely, faintly +.

So, chill out. Take some deep breaths. Tell yourself it's not over yet and test in 2 more days. If that's negative, you can either test 2 days after that or wait until af is due and see what happens. Good luck.
uhh ok you're crazy.

NOt as crazy as my DH though. Last night I told him I was done bleeding, and he rushed me to the pharmacy to get a test. It was just a respite in the AF. I still took the second test today though. *Note, sans birth control, my AF lasts 7 days roughly*
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